Rodion’s in Moscow!

Rodion has arrived in Moscow together with his mom!
I want to express my thanks to Irina Bednova who helped us organize FREE rehabilitation treatment in Moscow.
Rodion was born during the war in Lugansk. He was so long awaited that his arrival turned out to be unexpected. After six months it was clear he had problems with hearing. Only after a year was he diagnosed with deafness. One must understand LPR has, to put it mildly, very limited health care capabilities. Moreover, it did not have the right specialists.
In May 2019 the boy had a cochlear implant made on the right ear in Moscow, thanks to Irina Bednova.
In September such an operation was performed on the left ear, but in Kiev. Also for free, thank God.

But, as I wrote many times, that’s no panacea. This implant is only half the problem.
The other half is its tuning and exercises. The boy must be taught to hear, since he has not known what sound is since he was born. The apparatus by itself will not help if he lacks the skills to speak and hear. It’s a habit that we learn after we’re born.
That is why he needs constant exercises with specialists who are not available in Lugansk.
We were able to organize such exercises thanks to the Master.Slukh clinic in Rostov.
But a problem arose when it turned out they don’t know how to work with the apparatus that was implanted in Kiev.
But they say that in time the problem will be resolved.
He now urgently needs a tuning which can only be done in Moscow.
Overall, big thanks to Irina Bednova! The boy’s in Moscow and has already begun intensive exercises with specialists.

Doctors and specialists say that everything is going well, considering the implant was done late. Every month makes a difference. Nevertheless, everyone says that Rodion has every chance to be able to speak and hear properly.
He can already hear many sounds following the first operation. It’s not for nothing that he went to Rostov with his mother.

I also want to express my thanks to everyone who has been involved in Rodion’s life. Thank you for the money you donated. We used it to help the family with tickets, paying for some of the exercises in Lugansk and other financial problems. I want to add that Rodion will probably have to buy additional batteries, which cost a lot. Moreover, he’ll need to travel for exercises. Thank God all of them turned out to be free. I hope they will be so in the future, but that’s not a guarantee. Alas, that’s not up to us.
Nevertheless, the travel, preparing for analysis, many other things, are still the family’s responsibility. Anya cannot work because she spends all her time with Rodion. He can’t go to a kindergarten yet. Anya has a full family, her husband does work but, alas, salaries in Lugansk are so low that these are enormous expenses for them.
If you want to join in the aid effort, please label your contributions “Rodion”.
Thank you!

If you want to read more about Rodion, please click on the “Rodion” tag at the end of this post.
If you have questions, please read the earlier posts. They include medical histories, photographs since the last spring when we first started helping this family.
And, before you leave a comment stating that everyone is a thief, that we have plenty of our own children in Russia, please read all of the information at that link.
And once again, many thanks to all those who cared enough to help Rodion.
Separate thanks to Sasha Shashkova who met Anya in Moscow and took her to the clinic after passing all the rings of hell in the process of registering them. I unfortunately was not able to be present. I really miss the boy, he’s very merry and pleasant.

To read more about Rodion, click on the “Rodion” tag at the bottom of this post.
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