Oh that Seryozha of ours!

I’m not angry at him, but how can I not put him in the corner and chew him out? A grown dude, acting like a little kid!
The partisan is quiet, and the who matter is a delicate one for him. He’s awkward, embarrassed. Problems began a long time ago, with urology. He kept quiet about it. “Awkward”. “Embarrassing”.
It got to the point that our friends took him to a urologist for an evaluation. It turned out to be serious. They’ll have to cut. But the dumbest thing is that they lost a year at least because of “awkward” and “embarrassing”.
Seryoga, you are such a dummy!

We’ve been looking after Seryozha since ’15. We met in Khrashchevatoye where he, an elderly man with polyarthritis lived in a barrack with no water or electricity. Alone. My post about him was titled thus. “Alone”. He lived in a barrack because his house was destroyed by shells. Along with half the village. I posted the video at the time. He was assigned an empty room where he moved in. That’s how he was surviving on crutches. A few weeks after we met he fell and…Spent almost a day on the ground since he couldn’t get up and his phone was dead. Nobody was close enough to hear him. But it all ended well, his life was saved and not without our help. But he lost a leg. Due to his illness he’s had problems taking care of himself. Now, without a leg, he couldn’t go back to the barrack. And there was nobody to help him. He needed constant care. So Seryoga became our permanent ward. We managed to get him into a war veterans’ retirement home, the best in Lugansk region. He’s lived there since.
So we constantly go and visit him, he’s become like family. Our photos are all over his room.

But to return to current events.
The doctor prescribed preparatory treatment for a month. Then they’ll have to cut, otherwise he’ll have cancer. He’s really taking this hard. I won’t get into details–he can’t sleep due to his problems, or to go to the bathroom like everyone else. It was embarrassing to admit. Even to himself, I suppose.
Seryoga is now very immobile due to his arthritis, and he’s recently had a heart attack. Doctors are naturally worried. So are we, but there’s no other way. Unfortunately, in spite of all that, he lives in the retirement home where many medications are simply unavailable. We have had to do that ourselves. And yes, the cost of operation are also his. Or, more accurately, us, because there’s nobody else to pay for it.
What’s there to add, he’s long been “one of us”. A little kid, and a disobedient one at that. It’s not a matter of mental decline–his head is as it ever wars. Even young people would envy his sense of humor. You won’t find a better master of anecdote, honest!
Friends, we will be grateful if you join our Seryozha aid effort.
Please label your contributions “Sergey”.
Thank you for your compassion!
That’s how things are.

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