Redhead News!

We have good news! Hurrah!
Last time I wrote they had problems concerning their custody.
The husband threw out the wife together with the kids out of their home in Crimea. She had no place to go, so she returned to her mother in LPR. That’s where tragedy happened. Her heart gave out, even though she was still young. She died right in front of the kids. The granny, when she returned, saw the kids sitting next to the body. Ever since it’s been a struggle to get the kids’ custody of the kids and depriving the father of parental rights. But since he’s not an LPR citizen, it’s an extra difficulty. But, Thank god! Social services deprived him of parental rights and transferred the case to courts.
With time, the granny will be able to get child care benefits. The most important thing is that all this time she was afraid the kids would be taken away from her.
During all this time, the granny and the kids lived off her retirement and odd jobs and our aid. These odd jobs are not easy to come by. There’s nobody to live the young ones with, and they often fall ill. It’s a complicated story. Anyone who’s raised small children without help knows what it’s like. And she herself is not a young woman, which makes it doubly difficult.

Zhenya writes about visiting the family: “Little suns, life energy just emanates from them. We brought a little car for the boy.
–What about Masha?
–We got books for her.
–Yes?! That’s fine. )
He was very happy with the toy car, jumped all the way to the ceiling. Five minutes later it was completely disassembled by Masha, and then reassembled. While Sasha looked on in disbelief.”

The redheads are favorites among this blog’s readers. “Little suns”, “living plasma”, “explosion”–all kids of names.
But it’s clear even from the photos that they are like fire! In every sense of the word!

Friends, big thanks for allowing us help this family!
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If you want to help this specific family, please label your contributions “redheads”.

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