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Yulya and Lera live alone. Yulya is a beautiful woman who, by a miracle, is still among the living. Now disabled and without a husband, she is nevertheless raising a daughter. Lives only for her. I already wrote about them. It was a chance encounter. They live next to our sisters whom we’ve been helping for years.
Yulya is still young but can barely walk, relying on a cane. Our Lena noticed her on the street. A few words were exchanged and everything was clear. Her life was a hard one. Everything is made worse by the fact they live in LPR. Where the socially vulnerable are particularly affected because social benefits are tiny. Medical support is limited. And yes, the war there is not an abstraction but a fact. People often write me to say that, well, we have plenty of people in Russia who need help. It’s all true, there are single moms, disabled, abandoned elderly, in Russia aplenty. But believe me, it’s ten times worse in a war zone. I realize that for many that war does not exist know, it’s probably useless to explain. You either get it or you don’t. And I ask you, please ignore his post if you disagree with me. There are hundreds of pages, posts, bloggers who are begging for you to deposit your opinion there.

It’s still unclear what happened to Yulya. We do know that in May ’14 she got a fever. Then she was confined to bed and had to be taken to a hospital. This is when the worst of the war came to Lugansk. There was active fighting which nobody could believe. It seemed that it would all end soon, that it was impossible. This can’t be, we are the same people.
It’s during that difficult time when she needed treatment she couldn’t get it. Her legs failed, then she fell into a coma. For 27 days. As a result she acquired epilepsy and many joint problems. Doctors said it’s a miracle she lives. They thought she’d be a vegetable.
Yulya says: “I felt the end was near. But I couldn’t leave the daughter. I clawed my way back to this world. I have someone to live for. Something good came of it–I reevaluated the sense of my life. I live thankful for every day with my daughter. I understand that I was granted another day of happiness.”

Yulya is really struggling. She can’t work, she can barely walk. She even has to make do without necessary medications.
She lives for her daughter. Valeriya, incidentally, participates in gymnastics and is good at it. She was recently in LPR finals.
Yulya sews the costumes herself, which takes a lot out of her. She has short-term memory problems. It’s difficult to even cut the cloth, because she quickly forgets. Yulya also cannot strain herself because she can have an epileptic fit. Even a shopping trip is an accomplishment. Her joints still bother her, and she lives on the 4th floor without an elevator. Every day, an effort in spite of pain.
And on top if it all, she is a single mom.
Yet Yulya is still quite young.

This post is a report on our aid for her. We are trying to provide medications, and before the New Year we also brought food and presents. She badly needs the help.
Particularly when it comes to medications. In the spring she’ll have to be hospitalized, and all the analyses have to be paid for. Medications as well.
Food, utilities–that also costs money.

Friends, thank you for responding to my posts about helping this family.
If you want to join in, please label your contributions “Yulya and Lera”.

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