Holy Man

Our friend Natasha described Lyova as a “holy man. He prays for us all”. I don’t know what our Grasshopper believes, I didn’t ask. He’s a physician by education and avocation. He flies in the clouds, he lives and breathes numbers and formulas. But I’m absolutely certain it’s people like him who keep the world in balance–so I agree with Natasha. Not politicians, stars, and celebs. Everything depends on people like Lev. I know it, I’ve seen it, I feel it.
There is an amazing person in the tiny town of Pervomaysk, which is right in the line of fire in LPR. Most people around him treat him as slightly deranged. Or blessed. But you should have seen his bright eyes. Eyes, genuine eyes, full of life and earnestness. There is nothing ulterior in them, nothing that tears us from within.

I’m often told my reports are too long, so that few read them to the end. It’s true, it’s hard to disagree with it. But how is one to write about Lyova in a few words, someone whom we’ve known for years?
He had a leg blown off during the summer of ’14. He lives alone, has nobody. He had a brother who died a long time ago, before the war. No wife, no children. He heats using firewood, his neighbors helped out with electricity. He’s not drawing a pension…Because he doesn’t have a passport. Lyova, “Grasshopper”, as he’s called by his neighbors since he hops around his home on one leg without crutches, entered 2014 with a Soviet passport. He was not a Ukrainian citizen out of sheer principle, and now he’s got problems with paperwork. But we’re trying to do something in that direction.
That will hopefully help.
Lyova lived thanks to the help of his neighbors all these years. Collected firewood outside, hopping with his crutches and rucksack where he kept it. We somehow met him on the street. I remember zhenya ten told us “if he were to be admitted to our retirement home, he’d have it easier”. “Our home” is where Seryozha Kutsenko lives. But haven’t seen Lev’s dash at hopping up and down the stairs, without crutches, I realized it would be his funeral. He’s improbably full of life, with an athlete’s body and a very agile mind.
I always repeat with delight that Lyova never asks of us anything material. He asks for books, information. And we try. I often get responses that he’s well set up. He doesn’t want to do anything, everything is collapsing around him. One should have thought and done something. And now he’s begging.
But Lyova is not begging for anything! Not once in his life. We can see for ourselves that he’s struggling. That he lacks clothing, that his joints ache, his teeth ache and most of them have fallen out. We were told about him by his neighbors. We showed up by accident, and now we are helping. How could we do otherwise? Such people won’t ask for anything, no matter how badly they need it. They don’t know how. Hie lives in a different world. He is from a different world, to tell you the truth. Instead of social media with its likes and self-aggrandizement, Lyova reads the internet for mathematical descriptions of the Universe. He reads any new information on theoretical physics.
Thanks to all who responded for our plea for help for our physicist. It was also very nice to get replies from his friends in the Dolgoprudy Physics-Technical College from which he’s graduated at some point.
Thanks to others, we were able to help him not only with electricity. We bought him firewood and coal for the whole winter. Had his teeth done, bring food quite regularly. Two years ago we procured a computer, set up internet.
And I want to say Lyova does not drink, fires up the stove by himself, reads books, cooks–he leads a modest life and is happy. He has a positive outlook on everything.
To read more about him, please click on the “Lev” tag at the bottom of this post.

Zhenya came to visit prior to New Year:
–Lev, how are you?
–It’s heaven, I read that which I couldn’t find for 15 years, I’m warm for the first time in 6 years, and then you are feeding me as if trying to fatten me up, and with the new teeth I can eat whatever I want!
Incidentally…He invited a woman for New Year! 40 years old. We didn’t see her, but saw signs of her presence. The apartment is now spotless and orderly. No longer resembles the burrow of an underground mathematician. This made us happy. He said that Tanya came a couple of times to help, so got acquainted. So our Lev is up to something!))”
This is where things stand. We’re working on the passport, hope it will happen. But all of it will take a long time.
We would be grateful if you were to participate in our aid effort for Lev.
Please label your contributions “Lev”.
Thank you!

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebook,  V Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.


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