Oksana’s Family

Oksana’s husband perished on May 9, 2015, defending his Motherland. I don’t even know what to write, the new Motherland of LPR, or the old one, but which one? He was a militiaman and, like many, he wen toff to defend his home in Lugansk in ’14.
He left behind a wife with two children, Masha and Kolya. Here they are, on the first photo.
Oksana went through hell and one can’t even say she’s out of it yet. Only the children are keeping her afloat. She did not really live for several years after the death, she loved her husband so much. She closed inwardly but, thank God, did not lose her mind. We have helped many children whose mothers went insane due to what they went through, and who now live with their grandmothers. Kolya and Masha live with their mom and thank God everyone is alive and well.
But they are struggling.
In the fall I wrote about how all of their appliances burned down. Thanks to the money we collected we were able to not only help the family with food and medications, but even bought them a washing machine. Oksana never asked anything of us. She is very modest and does not complain. Many thanks to caring people who volunteered to help in this difficult situation.
You know, I am often offended by people who leave comments stating they also fare poorly but “they are not takers.” I’ll say this: none of these people is a “taker”. What is more–one must ask. This is normal and correct in a difficult situation. Nobody has written a comment “Dunya, please help me, I’m barely surviving.” No, these comments are simple insults directed at me and at those whom we help. I always feel bitter when I read them. I would like there to be as few people as possible in such situations. But I would also want people not to envy others and were instead able to be happy for them.
Interestingly, often people we help turn down our aid. They may have an empty refrigerator, but they’ll say “someone needs it more”. Be merciful and don’t judge! Be able to forgive, not envy, and give. Anyone can find themselves in a tight spot, anyone at all, and this war has taught me that. Don’t judge and don’t think that if you are doing well, it’s because you are doing something rights. Sometime these are people who are at odds with logic. Don’t overestimate it, it will get ahead of you and smack you on the nose.

Oksana herself is disabled. They live off a pension they received due to the loss of breadwinner, the disability, and the child care benefit. But that’s barely enough. It’s difficult enough to find work, but Oksana tries everything that comes along. They try to reduce expenses on everything. Oksana tried to economize so much that her gas supply was cut off. Thanks to you we were able to solve this problem. Lena went with Oksana to pay the debt not only for the gas but also partly for the water.

This post also contains the record of recent visits to Oksana. During two of them the children were ill and feverish. I’m afraid we constantly encounter that. When it’s cold, children there are constantly ill. We’re barely coping with vitamins and anti-fever meds.
We brought food (see photo) and some clothing.
Look, perhaps some of you will see the items you donated. Many thanks to you!
Masha, when she saw the beautiful dress, instantly put it on and refused to take off, even though she had a fever. She was whispering, “I won’t take it off, I’ll wear it to New Year’s, it’s so beautiful”.

Friends, thanks to all who responded to our call to help this family!
The kids are amazing, and we feel very sorry for Oksana.
The woman is trying as best she can. She lives for the kids. But it’s very hard with all the ailments.
Oksana has neural problems, to the point of disability. Major headaches, which are a daily reality for her, alas.

If you want to join in helping this family, please label your contributions “Oksana”.
Once again, big thanks to you all!

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebook,  V Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.

If you wish to help this family, please label your contributions “Oksana”.

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