The cargo has arrived!

Do you remember how I wrote in April about a truck full of humanitarian aid for the Donbass and a pile of diapers?
Adult diapers which were donated by the wonderful Inessa from Moscow. In that post, I am on a photo with scotch tape and a marker used to package the cargo.
After overcoming a range of delays and problems, the diapers are in LPR!
Zhenya delivered them where they are needed most.
The Kalinovo hospice.
Where is that?
Kalinovo is a town near Pervomaysk.
Fighting never stopped there. Artillery bombardments are a given for people who live there.
But just looks at the faces of the hospice workers)))

Diapers are an unimaginable luxury for such institutions. They get a minimal allowance, many of the patients’ relatives cannot afford them. Prices are, by local standards, astronomical. The workers use washcloths, towels, whatever is available. This causes the patients to suffer from skin conditions. Those who have taken care of bedridden patients understand how important adult diapers are.
Average LPR salary, assuming one has a job, is 5,000 rubles. A single small pack costs 1300. On the markets, practically everywhere they are sold individually, since residents can’t afford a complete pack.

Inessa, big human thanks to you!
Helping the hospices is one of the seriouis and important parts of our work.
Particularly the Kalinovo hospice, located in a village which is in the line of fire.
It is on a far side, always in danger zone.
Thanks to everyone who participated in delivering this cargo!
Thanks to Olesya Klimuk and Vasility for transferring it to LPR!
Thanks to our Moscow Zhenya for the loading, sorting, and storing the diapers.
All in all, hurrah!)

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