Our Bellflower

I was recently asked “How’s our Bellflower?” The “Bellflower” is the name we gave Vika several years ago in reaction to her infectious laughter. May will see the fourth anniversary of us helping this girl from Lugansk.
We met in May ’15. Shortly after her brother’s death, who also had diabetes. It’s been a lifetime since the. During that “lifetime” we have done a lot, but at the same time very little.
We tried to save her eyesight, but couldn’t.
But we did cure her of TB. We did a lot, but also lost a lot, together with Vika.
It’s difficult to write every subsequent Vika post. Because ever time I’m being read by new people, while Vika’s story is a whole big book. A story of one girl, a beautiful girl suffering from diabetes, who lost everything, first and foremost eyesight, due to the war…
Vika’s story is indicative in many ways. One has to understand that the war kills and crushes the most vulnerable. Not only with shells. Sometimes with far more elementary means–wrong insulin, lack of test strips, poor nutrition…
To read more about Vika, click on the “Vika” tag at the bottom of this post.
And yes, it’s also a story about people who care, people who are responsive, people who love. Vika has received help from all over the world–UK, Germany, USA, etc.
So, how is our Bellflower doing?

We are constantly in contact with her and her mom Sveta.
Vika recently had a planned hospital stay. I already wrote about that–she has kidney problems.
All the female problems are taken care of, and that’s good.
But as of late she’s been very sleepy. Won’t go outside.
She’s in a depressive state and wants to sleep the whole time.
That’s how things are.

But we were able to improve her mood a little)
Our remarkable friends from Belgorod, Sergey and his wife bought her a “talking” glucose meter a  couple of years ago). And they regularly send test strips for it. Most interestingly, he sends the strips even before I realize they are running out.
Sergey, many thanks!
For your caring, attention, concern! This is big help for the family. Thanks to this, Sveta can leave the house, and Vika can measure her own blood sugar. That’s a lot!


And the amazing Marina from USA send Vika a whole package with new clothes). She already sent her many clothes three years ago, and now she did it again. Our beauty is wearing the new clothes on the photos.
Marina! Sveta writes:
“Marina, we thank you with all our hearts!!!❤ Super, it’s all what she wanted!”>
Everything fit Vika, and most importantly, she liked it!
And you know what? Our readers sent Vika pictures, books for the blind, talking clocks, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, bracelets, dolls, ear-rings…Even that’s only a small part of what I can remember.
But ultimately it’s not about the clothes, but about your desire help. And it really helped the girl!

I want Vika to see again. I want Vika to go on dates. There is a lot that I want for her.
But not everything is in our power.
But we and you help her restore her faith in life. To smile and…
To at least look like a beauty)
And that’s a lot too.
Thank you for Vika!

Medications. Vika regularly needs various kinds of eyedrops to reduce pressure, test strips, kidney medications, vitamins. And much else besides, since diabetes is not only a matter of “injecting insulin on time”.
Moreover, the girl needs good nutrition, otherwise her condition worsens. She’s not yet out of the woods…
The family is short of money. Sveta works from time to time, whenever she can. She took care of our Tanya until the last day.
Our assistance is still needed.

Medications and food.

Thank you, friends!

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.

Please label contributions for Vika “Vika”.

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