This is Galina Grigoryevna and her great-grandson Seryozha.
Just think about it. She is raising him.
His mother, her daughter, died in the fall.
Zhenya writes after a visit, delivering aid:
“Yulya died in November, five days short of Seryozha’s birthday. Her state worsened: fever, high blood pressure. Ambulance took her. A month of IVs, injections–things got better. Fever went away, blood pressure stabilized. She was discharged. Came home, in the morning things got worse. Ambulance came, gave her shots. She got better but still felt weak. In the evening she asked for some soup. Galina Grigoryevna cooked it, Yulya ate it with pleasure and…died. Her heart stopped. They didn’t even have time to call the emergency number. Three children were left behind…” The boy’s father died of kidney failure in 2012.
Seryozha is the same age as my daughter. His mother was a little older than me. Still very young.
How many such young people had passed away, due to heart attacks, strokes, other crises? And then the grandmothers have to pull the grandchildren along. How many such stories have you read here?
Is it hard to read? Hard to accept?
The grandmothers are doing everything within their power to prevent the kids from going to a shelter. To keep them home. With relatives.
Great-grandmothers, dear Lord!

Seryozha also has two sisters, Yulya’s daughters. They live with different relatives. Rita is 18, and she lives at her grandmother’s, the daughter of Galina Grigoryevna. Polina is younger than Seryozha, at 8, and lives with her grandmother on her father’s side.
They separated because they otherwise couldn’t make it.

When Galina Grigoryevna took in the great-grandson, she herself fell ill.
“She took in Seryozha, and then several days later she was walking to the kitchen and ‘couldn’t remember anything’. She came to in the hospital. Seryozha saved her, called the emergency number. That’s no simple matter in LPR if you don’t have a landline. But Seryozha managed and they came in time. It’s a very complicated diagnosis (you can read it in the medical history) and has to do with the heart…”

Nobody will grant her custody due to her age. She was born in 1938. They live on a pension which is barely enough to live on.
That’s how things are.
It’s hard.
After the hospital stay, she constantly requires medications.
If you want to help this family, please label your contributions “Galina and Seryozha”.
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Medical history:

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If you want to help this family, please label your contributions “Galina and Seryozha”.

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