Oksana’s husband went off to the militia almost at once, in ’14. He died on May 9, 2015. This was too much to bear for Oksana, she cut herself away from the outside world. No, she did not go insane. She feeds her kids, talks. But it’s as if she’s living in her own world, not ours. I didn’t see her, our friends went to visit. Zhenya was naturally struck taken aback when he met her. He says that it’s as if he wasn’t talking to her but to a shroud. “Quiet, monotonous, correct speech. But without emotion, empty…”

On the photo, her kids, Masha born in 2010, and Kolya, 2012.

The family’s income, with all the pensions and benefits, is 5,000 rubles.
They manage to pay for the utilities, have no debts. Most of those whom we help can’t cope with the payments. Many have run up serious debt. And yes, every once in a while their power is cut off…
Oksana keeps track of the budget. But it’s hard with two kids, alone, without help…
Zhenya: “The kids are sociable and kind. They are always close to the mom, who doesn’t smile…She strokes their heads with a stone face…They were jumping around with a drum to make her smile..”
Oksana has a disability status, due to her nervous system.
That’s how things are.

Our humanitarian aid. Thanks to all for their participation!


If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.

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