Back to School!

It’s still summer, but the fall will be upon us soon, which means not only yellow leaves but also school. Which in turn means notebooks, pens, backpacks, and all kids of other stuff kids need. And yes, kids in LPR/DPR also go to school, attend after-school clubs, and they need all that very badly. Maybe even more than our kids.
All of that costs a lot. For many Donbass people, late August and the fall are a difficult time of the year. Because the average monthly salary is 5,000 rubles. Sometimes all these school supplies are an unaffordable luxury. It’s a luxury to buy pen holders and book sleeves…
Have you calculated how much it costs to prepare one school child for September 1?
These children are not simply children. They are children of war. They live in a different reality and for many of them colorful markers, pretty erasers are a source of joy so great that it’s hard to believe in our reality with prosciutto and i-Phones.
So Lena and Zhenya carried out “Operation Y” [a reference to a famous Soviet-era film] to collect school supplies for the people we care for. But unfortunately we were not able to collect enough for all. Especially for those families for whom we are making separate collections and the particularly needy ones–you know them all well.
We really want to help both. Last year we and you were able to collect many school kids for children whose parents are on the registry at the Lugansk Aid Center. These are foster kids, families with many children, single moms, disabled kids.
We want to help as many kids as possible!!!
So I’m calling on you to join in this effort!))) Come on board!
If you do, please label your contributions “school”.
And you must see the photo report on what we’ve bought so far.
Just look at how improbably happy they are!!!
Lena and her parents and kids went shopping and picked out everything. So the boys and girls got to pick the color of their notebooks, backpacks, pencils, paper, everything they needed.
Lenochka, you and Zhenya are totally awesome!!! It’s so good to have you with us! Thank you!

This is Vika and Alyona. It’s so unexpected to see them together on the same photo, after all they’ve never seen one another.

Alyona and her sister Marina live on their own, without parents, in Lugansk. Marina works and feeds Alyona while she studies. They never saw their fathers, and the mother is doing this and that and, in general, leads not the most wholesome of lifestyles.
To read about Alyona and Marina, click on the “sisters” tag at the bottom of this post.

Vika is the daughter of Ira from Vergunka which is right on the front line. She and the pregnant mother were abandoned by the father during the shelling. While they were hiding in the city from the shells, their house was badly damaged. Then looted by marauders. You probably remember them)

This is Vika’s mom Ira and brother. Look at how Vovka’s grown!!! To read about this family, click on the “Vergunka” tag.

And this is Vladik, the son of Vitaliy and Natasha, “from captivity”, as we refer to them. They are from Rubezhnoye. They live in a dorm in Lugansk and started their lives over from zero. Vitaliy was in captivity, Natasha also had a hard time getting into Lugansk with her son, and you already know about that, I’ve written about them several times.
Natasha: “it’s good that we have you, we do the best we can but can’t afford hardly anything, we’re barely making ends meet.”
To read more about them, click on the “Vitaliy” tag.

Sasha’s mom was wounded right in front of him. She died two years later. Now he lives in his grandmother, Taisiya Pavlovna. The father vanished and there’s nobody else to help them. They live off the grandmother’s pension.
To read more about them, click on the “Taisiya” tag.

These are the sons of Natasha about whom I’ve written recently. Her husband was in the militia, and was killed. She suffers from epilepsy so she had a skull operation to remove a swelling which came out of nowhere. They are without a home, and rent space from friends.

To read more about this family, click on the “Natasha” tag.

Hungry eyes…

This is Timur, you remember him and his brother Elisey. They live with their disabled grandmother Lyubov Mikhailovna.
Their mother vanished in 2014. Vanished, but can’t be deprived of custody since civil courts in LPR are defunct. Therefore the grandmother can’t get benefits for the grandkids.
To read more about this family, click on the “Timur and Elisey” tag.

Timur is still at the arts school, so we bought everything that requires.

This is Vladislav, Yulya’s son. We helped them several times with food. They live in a communal apartment, have big debts. They are alone, no relatives. She’s an orphan, there’s nobody to help her.

This is Natasha. She lives with her grandmother in Lugansk. Her mother was killed right in front of her. A small shell fragment took off half her head.
She lives only with her grandmother. They live off her pension.

And that’s Sasha. He also lives with his grandmother, the father’s mother. His own mother abandoned him when he was very little. The father was in the militia and perished defending his land.
The medal was given posthumously to Sasha instead.
To read more, click on the “Sasha” tag.

He excelled in the third grade.

Friends, thank you for your help! And please join our Operation “Back to School”!

If you want to help people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:
Please label donations intended for the “Back to School” campaign “school”.

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