Bringing “ours” greetings

Shortly everyone will be greeting women on the occasion of March 8, the International Women’s Day, and I’m still writing about we, on February 23, brought greetings to people under our are. But it’s better late then never, right?
You know, February 23, May 9, those are days when people OVER THERE are so happy that we can’t even imagine.
Over there–in LPR. Over there–in Novorossia. Over there–where there’s war. Where people have been living on top a volcano for 4 years already.
This day is unbelievably important to the Donbass people.
We brought greetings to the men under our care with what many internet users think foolish, ironic, but to them important little things. Not everyone can always afford to buy shaving cream or deodorant.

Seryozha…Seryozha was a tank commander and served near Moscow. Once upon a time he was Ukraine’s boxing champion.
Now he’s disabled–he’s lost a leg, he has polyarthritis. He lives in a retirement home. His house in Khryashchevatoye is gone, it was bombed out during the summer of ’14.
But you know Seryozha!!))) Our Seryozha!
If not, please click on the Kutsenko tag at the bottom of the article.

That’s his neighbor, a very pleasant and smart man. We often chat with him. We couldn’t not bring presents to his closest friends. Especially since this is definitely their holiday.

They all served and they are genuine defenders.
Now they are disabled to the point of needing personal care.

This is Yura.
Under our care, and also our helper. You saw him on New Year’s photos in Grandfather Frost costume next to me. He has 7 kids (!!!). We help his family, but Yura helps us too, he’s a greater writer and is always seeing us through.

Our Kolyan! You remember Kolyan!
This “big boy” has a part-time job at a Lugansk supermarket. It’s not really a job, he ferries carts back and forth and people give him money for the help, whatever they can. He always helps us. Kolya is deaf-mute and is not entirely healthy mentally, but he’s always glad to see us.
And we-him!)))

This is the son of our Vitaliy from Rubezhnoye. You remember the people from captivity whom we’re helping? We sent Vitaliy a set of presents, and tickets to the circus for the whole family.
Zhenya writes:
“We haven’t met Vitaliy at home, so we gave everything to his son. We bought circus tickets for the whole family, he’d not go there alone, after all. And you know what? They as a family decided to donate two of the tickets to children from other families of POWs. As it turned out, none of them ever were to a circus. They were so incredibly happy! Emotions over the top. They were so excited to tell us about the show. Definite culture shock. They were so elated.”
To read more about Vitaliy, click on the “Vitaliy” tag at the bottom of this post.

This is Petya and his three sons. You also know this family.
Petya only just returned from captivity and lives with his wife and three sons in a Lugansk dorm. The family is starting over from nothing.
We gave Petya a traditional set of gifts plus razors which he didn’t have. And table hockey for the boys.

Zhenya writes:
“We called the next day, they were so thankful: “We laughed so hard, we were cheering on so hard that our neighbors had a hard time believing everything was fine.”
You can read more about Petya’s family by clicking on the “Ira and Petya” tag at the bottom of this post.

Thanks to everyone who’s helping us!

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