Our Lena

Do you know who this beauty is?
That’s our Lena.
Let me just tell you one story.
She’s of the Moscow volunteers who in 2015 was helping the people of Lugansk and decided to help one young girl who had cancer. She asked out people to bring her aid.

The girl was named Katya, and after some time she ended up in a hospice.
She was dying. She still had a son, whom she was raising on her own.
Katya was from an orphanage, had no relatives at all.
Lena lived at the hospice fro a month.
Slept right next to the dying Katya. Would come home, wash, change clothes, prepare food, and then went back to see Katya.
Zhenya almost  didn’t see her at all during that time.
Then Katya departed.
Practically in Lena’s arms.
In the arms of a stranger.
This volunteer collected money for Katya, and nothing obligated her to sit with Lena at the hospice. Lena could have simply brought her food and left. But she sat with the girl, held her hand, spoke to her. All these days.
Katya was afraid to be alone. Afraid to die.
Everyone believed in a miracle until the last moment, but everyone realized what was happening.
Zhenya and Lena took in her son.
Yes, yes, our Lena and Zhenya.
Vovka, who’s been part of our team for the last two years…When this happened, Zhenya asked me not to write about it…
I was at that time stunned by Lena’s selflessness and love of humanity.

I could spend a long time telling you about what a wonderful housewife, and indeed everything around her is spotlessly clean. Whenever I visit the orphanage, all I do is break things. Tip over food parcels, drop and break dishes.
Lena has a large garden, and after almost every trip we take home jars of tomatoes and peppers.
The guys have a large and beautiful winter garden. It’s a mystery how she manages to care for all these plants. I forgot–she also feeds ducks!
Lena is the main bookkeeper of our team. She remembers everything and everyone. Our multi-armed Shiva.
On top of everything else, she’s also a real beauty, and she has one object of envy. Her hair extends lower than her butt. It’s to die for.
Those are the Donbass women!!!

I think I’ll leave it at that.
It’s just that today’s Lena’s birthday.
Lena, you no doubt realize we all love you very much!!!!
We wish you the best, we love you, and we miss you!!!!

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