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Tanya recently had a surgery in Lugansk. Mastectomy.
Analyses are in.
Bad news. Metastases, fourth phase…
Chemo had begun. The second round will be in the fall. Until then, she was released home. She has a son whom she’s raising alone…
The guys have been visiting Tanya nearly every day at the hospital to support her and bring her some treats.
They say that Tanya so far doesn’t feel anything. She looks better, feels better.
That’s where things stand.

There are also other news.
The guys visited our little sisters, Alyona and Marina, who live alone, without parents. That’s how it turned out.
They only met the younger Alyona. The older sister broke a leg, about which we wrote earlier. After that she was fired from her job. She worked at check-out at a supermarket. She’s supporting not only herself but her younger, 13-year-old sister.
Now she’s found a new job, at the market. Right now it’s 45 degrees Celsius in the shade in Lugansk. Working there is hell. She has a tough schedule: two days on, two days off, but 12-hour shifts. In this mad steppe heat.
They have gas. As you recall, it was turned off for lack of payments, but we’ve covered their debts thanks to you.
The guys organized a summer camp for Alyona near Antratsit. She liked it there.
Overall, the girls are surviving, trying as best they can. And of course we help within our abilities.

This is Lera, she’s now 16.
We helped her mother Inna who recently died. The girl was left on her own. Still no passport, and no official status as an orphan. That usually takes 6 months of red tape. No relatives who could help. So we are the only ones helping her now.
Zhenya connected her to the girls at the Lugansk Aid Center who can help with the paperwork.
We provided some money since she has nothing. Inna was buried by the neighbors, since the family had no savings. Lera is in debt to them now…

I want to give big thanks to everyone who continues participating in our aid effort. It is thanks to you that we are able to help all these people. Tanya’s in bad straits. But she is a person, and she is alone. She has nobody else. And we can’t abandon her even though it looks hopeless.
I’m always at a loss for words when it’s time to fully express my gratitude for you making it possible for me and the guys to continue doing good works. Thank you! Thank you for everything!

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