New Year at a Hospice

This is the last holiday greetings post from our team.
This is the Lugansk Hospice associated with the regional hospital’s cancer ward.
For most of the people on these photos, it’s their last New Year celebration.
We decided to bring holiday greetings to these people, that was the right thing to do.
I won’t speculate concerning your emotions on that day. I also won’t say anything. Because what’s there to say?

We naturally also brought greetings to the staff. Wonderful people. How many times have I written about them by now?
People who work in these institutions are, to me, special.
I realize that everyone gets used to things, I understand it’s a given to them.
But, believe me, seeing death every day is not a habit one talks about.

So, Happy New Year!

Even though the hospice is small, we won’t post photos of everyone whom we greeted with the New Year.
I think you’ll understand why.

I want to once again thank everyone who made it possible for us to somehow bring people joy on that day.
Happy New Year!

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