Lugansk’s Grandfather Frost

Did Grandfather Frost come to your home?
My home was visited by a dressed-up neighbor, wearing a striped bathrobe and a cotton beard.
He labored at the role for a long time and I nearly tore away his false beard, attempting to learn the truth–was it oneandonly Grandfather Frost before me or a facsimile? I remember the feeling that not everything is as it seems to this day. Although the rubber band under his ears was indecently exposed, I still can’t believe that I had doubts at the time. And I had serious doubts! Because it we had a neighbor who was as obese and with the same peculiar smell who used to regularly visit us. And yet I still kept thinking that it can’t be! It’s Frost! Frost himself!
I remember that joy. Overwhelming joy.
Lugansk recently held a tree ceremony for kids from impoverished families organized by the Lugansk Social Services Center for which we provided presents. Not all the kids managed to come to the ceremony. For example, the disabled kids.
So we decided that if the kids can’t come to the tree, the tree can come to them.
Or, to be more precise: we came up with a super mega plan.

We found two volunteers from among the Center’s workers, got them costumes (not some striped bathrobes!), loaded them up in Zhenya’s minivan, took our and your presents and took them to the families.
Many kids, like Otabek, can’t move about independently. Some have serious mental developmental problems and can’t be around crowds.
Nearly all of these families are impoverished, which means they can’t find suitable costumes or hire a Grandfather Frost. In some cases, Grandfather Frost visited their home for the first time in their lives.
Therefore I think you can imagine what this meant for the kids.

I want to thank one more time everyone who sent money and made this holiday possible!
Thanks to all the workers at the LGTs (an unbearable acronym)! Thanks to Zhenya and Lena, thanks to all of YOU!
I adore you!!!

The guys said they heard enough poems to last a whole year.
And good vibes for several years))))
So, enjoy!

Receipt for the presents (it’s for 60 presents, half of which went to the hospice)

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