Sophia died

Sofia died on Saturday.
The strong, young girl who believed in the future and who had cancer.
She talked and joked to the last about how she’ll get married and everything will turn out fine.
She kept saying that, but she was perfectly aware of everything.
She was aware her chances were nil.
She said all that for our sake, so that we wouldn’t worry…
Her relatives visited to pick up daughter Alina.
We’ll try to make sure she’s well taken care of.
It’s impossible to accept and understand…

“First chemo, then marriage”

People like Sofia make an impression. They do, because they believe in a better future when there are no chances for one. Or perhaps they don’t believe, but act in such a way that nobody suspects otherwise.
Her room is a dark lair with no light. Or, rather, there is light, but when you are there you think you are somewhere deep underground, with the only light coming from candles.
When we came to visit, we walked down long and cold catacomb-like corridors, until we entered a room redolent of urine and hidden from the world behind a rug.

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