It was dark when we arrived without warning to visit Alyona and Marina.
A dark stairwell, a poorly lit street. Light on the first floor. We knock but nobody opens the door. We knock on the window–silence.
We stand in the stairwell and don’t know what to do. We left their phone numbers at home.
Lena says incredulously: “The light is on–they should be home. Where else would they be? The little one is back from school, Marina is also back from work. They never go anywhere.”
Ten minutes later a tiny thin lady shows up and immediately goes on the attack: “Do you have business here?”

Helping Donbass kids go to school

A few days prior to September 1 were got thinking many people on the Donbass can’t afford to buy their kids anything for school. They simply have no money. Then I wrote a post and you know what? You and I turned out to be quite awesome.
We got in touch with the Lugansk Aid Center and coordinated the list of necessities. Thanks to the money you sent, we managed to prepare 22 kids for school. It’s not just pens, pencils, supplies, but even pen holders and backpacks.
Zhenya described the distribution thusly: “To be perfectly serious, several moms were crying since they had no idea how to buy these things, and the kids must go to school…”

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Latest News

Tanya recently had a surgery in Lugansk. Mastectomy.
Analyses are in.
Bad news. Metastases, fourth phase…
Chemo had begun. The second round will be in the fall. Until then, she was released home. She has a son whom she’s raising alone…
The guys have been visiting Tanya nearly every day at the hospital to support her and bring her some treats.
They say that Tanya so far doesn’t feel anything. She looks better, feels better.
That’s where things stand.

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