Gurzuf in June

This year’s June turned out to be a very warm one.
One can go swimming for hours, and the air is such that one can spend evenings in the garden in shorts.
Still not too many people, but I’m already afraid of a tidal wave due to the newly opened bridge, and I really believe that that in spite of everything the season will be like it was last year, without the crazy influx which frightens me.
Artists at every step, a crowd of moms with kids, and cherries and strawberries everywhere.
And of course our cherry plum tree and the neighbors’ cherry tree, from which we collected a couple of pails already.
Catch a little Gurzuf in June.

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Wild Crimea

I recently brought acquaintances to my favorite beach in Gurzuf. Wild beach, of course.
The visitors looked at the rocks and boulders blocking the access to the sea and looked at me quizzically: “So, where’s the upside?”
I did not expect this question, so I mumbled something about beauty.
My verbal arsenal did not contain anything capable of explaining the love for wild Crimea.
This peninsula is the site of one sacred place which also has no “upsides.
Maybe it’s good that it doesn’t.
Don’t go there.

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Black Sea

–Ehh, your Black Sea is dead, there’s nothing beautiful there.
It’s pointless to disagree. There really is noting to photograph there. No jellyfish, no colorful fish, no coral reefs.
You can’t go chasing after octopi or schools of fish, which I love to do.
No lobsters, no crabs–almost nothing at all.
By and large, as far as fish are concerned, there are only Atlantic horse mackerels, red mullets, cuckoo wrasse, and a few other types.

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