Pervomaysk Under Fire

Tonight [December 13, 2017], from midnight until 3:30am, Pervomaysk came under fire from UAF heavy artillery.
16 locations suffered damage, including 14 houses and two public facilities, the Kalinovka hospital which we recently visited, and School No. 30.
There are wounded, so far no fatalities.
Video under the cut.
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Declassified German Archives

A sensation at RIA: “German actress and singer of Hungarian extraction Marika Rekk turned out to be a Soviet intelligence agent.” One fact concerning my family drew attention in that story.
“The intelligence network included about 35 agents, including bankers, military, civil servants, and also the actress Olga Chekhova.”
In actuality, there were many discussions concerning the participation of Olga Chekhova–a famous actress and Hitler’s favorite, a nephew of Olga Knipper-Chekhova (the wife of the great writer)–in Soviet intelligence operations. There were TV shows, movies, books. But no actual documents confirming these stories. Sudoplatov’s famous book about Olga as intelligence agent had no references to actual documents. I was even contacted by intelligence historians in order to confirm these stories. Specialists thought this was simply a beautiful legend and fairy tale, pleasing the public and spread by the media.
The “actress-agent legend” also mentioned, among others, Olga’s brother, Lev Knipper, a famous Soviet composer, who was supposed to have participated in the mission to kill Hitler. Little is known about his role. But it is known that he went to Germany more than once to visit his sister, to deliver something, and have some meetings. But I know this only from generally available sources.
That was my grandfather.
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President Putin recognizes LDPR passports

This news has been reverberating for days.
But I didn’t at first understand what this was about.
Because LPR and DPR passports have had de-facto recognition for at least a year.
What does it mean?
As far as I understand, juridical recognition means that you can be admitted into a country that recognizes the document’s validity. Which means the customs will let you through the border.
About a year ago, in the spring, we were helping a woman from Stakhanov get into a hospital in Moscow. She had an LPR passport. She crossed the border with no trouble, and no institution anywhere rejected her passport as an official document. I even remember that the doctor, upon seeing her passport, smiled and summoned his colleagues to have a look–see, these are the passports LPR is issuing. This was in Moscow.

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Angel Battalion

A little about the commander of the humanitarian “Angel Battalion”, Aleksey Smirnov, who was arrested in DPR.
I don’t know Lyosha personally. Or, more accurately, we’ve never met. I haven’t even known of his existence for a long time, and he didn’t know about mine.
I found out about him accidentally, during a volunteer debate which broke out in the news feed. They were talking about a self-promoter Lyosha who goes by the nickname Rezhissyor [Director, as in movies]. Lyosha in reality is a director, though I don’t know what he has directed. Perhaps nothing–but that’s not the issue. What is the issue is that he and a group of 12 people has been evacuating people from under shellfire since the first days of the war, and is also providing humanitarian aid.

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