Viktoria–it means victory

My book about the Donbass was written during the 2015-16 winter. At that time we were busy taking Vika from Lugansk to Moscow to try to save her sight.
Vika was taken in by one of the best opthalmological wards in Moscow. The hospital at FMBA.
While Zhenya and I were driving around Moscow, Vika was smiling from ear to ear and listened to our descriptions of what we saw. We drove through the center, and Our Bellflower kept listening to the street noise. It was her first time in Moscow so she wanted to know every detail.

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Presenting my book: “People Here”

Friends and readers!
My book about the Donbass, titled People Here, is finally coming out!
You will be able to see in bookstores or order online or download an electronic version in September.
I’m inviting all of you for the official presentation which will take place on September 6 at noon at the book fair at VDNKh.

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A National Bestseller

I wrote a book. Somehow.
And in February Maria Arbatova nominated it for the National Bestseller award, and it is now on the long list. It was a total surprise for me. Maria Arbatova, the award, everythng.
It didn’t take me long to write it, but it was a struggle. It’s not very voluminous.
It’s about the Donbass, and it’s title is taken from one of my reports: “There are people here.”
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