Please pardon me, but I couldn’t restrain myself

You, the unknown “girl from Ukraine” who wrote a veritable “Yaroslavna’s wail”, why do you hate Russians–you, who are spreading this mass hysteria of Russophobia, you are distorting meanings in every phrase you use. Do you hear me?
You wrote that post in the Russian language. You are using concepts from my culture, not yours.
What do you know about fear?
What do you know about pain?
You’ve seen soldiers in the streets?
Read someone else’s posts? Spent hours in front of the TV?
You are concerned for the kids who are forced, in schools, to draw cranes flying home and send them to soldiers?
What do you know about war, aside from internet hand-wringing by imaginary wives?
I’ll tell you what you need to know.
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A National Bestseller

I wrote a book. Somehow.
And in February Maria Arbatova nominated it for the National Bestseller award, and it is now on the long list. It was a total surprise for me. Maria Arbatova, the award, everythng.
It didn’t take me long to write it, but it was a struggle. It’s not very voluminous.
It’s about the Donbass, and it’s title is taken from one of my reports: “There are people here.”
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