Helping Anya

The photos show Anya, a mother of three from Lugansk. It seems this is how I begin every story about people requiring aid. But this is not an ordinary story. The family was not in hardship before these events…They were not rich, but led normal lives.
Her husband is on the front lines. Yes, he’s in the militia. Hes, he serves in places from which one might not return.
In November, the girl’s legs gave up. It just happened one day. The physicians just shrugged–it’s the stress, it’s the war, all manner of phrases which collectively expressed the failure to identify the exact cause. One way or the other, she can’t walk.
Zhenya said, after visiting, that all over the house there are ropes, stools, things on which the girl can lean when hobbling from place to place. He says she’s so thin, she’s practically transparent.
The kids help as best they can, trying to maintain the home.

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