Rodion in Rostov!


You’re going to drop dead right now! And you won’t believe it. You’ll say Hirosimka has taken to drinking.
The power of networks continues to amaze yet again! The power of repost (don’t forget about that, by the way!) in action.
There’s a kid in Lugansk named Rodion. He’s two and a half. A little dynamo. It so happened that he was born deaf. We were able to organize a free surgery for him to install a cochlear implant in Moscow. Lugansk lacks proper equipment and specialists for something like that. Doctors would say it would take a miracle. That miracle was Irina Bednova who helped organize everything for free in the capital. And that’s a lot of money, believe me.
So in April the boy was taken to Moscow. The operation took place, everything was successful. In May he was brought back for the first tuning. That already had to be paid for. Thanks to you and your aid, we were able to pay for the specialists, Anya (the mom) and Rodion’s stay in Moscow, and bought tickets there and back.
I wrote about all that in detail earlier.
Painstakingly retold the tuning procedure, what the specialists had to say.
And then suddenly I get a letter.

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Aleksey is back home!

A miracle happened!
Aleksey was operated on and…he’s not merely alive, not merely conscious.
Everything turned out perfect!
Aleksey quickly recovered. A day later he was sitting, eating, walking. Things developed so rapidly that he was discharged on June 11, though we were expecting him to say there for at least another week. But, as the experts said in the end, there is no need for him to say longer, his condition was good, so he could go home.
We sent Aleksey home, together with his wife Tanya.
And by “we” I mean our Sasha, who took them to the bus station.
They are already back in Lugansk, are recovering, and can’t believe what just happened.

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Already can hear!

This tiny apparatus on Rodion’s little ears costs over 700 thousand rubles.
Thanks to this miracle of technology, he can now hear.
–He can already hear?
–Yes, he hears, already hears. But doesn’t understand what.
Rodion had a complicated cochlear implant surgery in April. It’s a miracle which only a few decades ago was impossible.
The boy was born in Lugansk, born deaf. It took a long time to issue the diagnosis. The situation in the region is difficult–isolation, war. What’s there to explain…
No equipment, no specialists who could help the boy. The family did not have the money for the apparatus or surgery.
Thanks to Irina Bednova, we were able to take the boy to Moscow for a free surgery!

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Kolya’s back in Lugansk

Katya went to Moscow to take her boy back to LPR.
Kolya has viral meningitis, and was taken to Moscow in December 2016 with the help of Liza Glinka.
He was in the Morozov Hospital until March. Had several surgeries.
He went back and forth between neurology and surgery.
It took them a long time to figure out what kind of infection caused this kind of inflammation in his head, which forced them to carry out more than one surgery in order to drain the liquid that was accumulating. It’s a major miracle that he’s survived all that.

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Kolya and Moscow Passions

The situation with Kolya Sipunov, whom Liza Glinka helped bring out of the Donbass prior to her death remains complex. The most important thing is that the boy had a surgery in Moscow, was transferred to another hospital, and is now in rehab.
It’s a complex situation, but most importantly, he’s alive and his chances are good.
However, his thieving mother managed to live up to her reputation again, as was expected.
I haven’t been able to visit Kolya myself for a long time, and not because I don’t want to see his mother Katya who robbed me and nearly brought about her son’s death.
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Kolya in Moscow

On December 17, the Doctor Liza Foundation took Kolya from Lugansk to Moscow, and he’s already at the Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute.
We breathed a sigh of relief. Kolya has suppurating meningitis and surgery represents his only chance of survival.
The situation was extreme due to the mother’s utter degradation. The boy had an ordinary ear infection that escalated due to neglect. It’s hard to believe, but that’s the truth. At first we tried to found the cause of his problems elsewhere, for example with the medications or with doctors. But after a few events, it became clear the woman could not care less for the boy. This lady and her husband managed to squander 20 thousand rubles she was given to buy medications. After we brought her family food, she stole a camera out of my pocket.

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Condition: Stable

Lena and Zhenya went to visit our Vika at the hospital.
The operation was successful, which we already reported immediately after the fact.
Vika is back in her room.
She’s eating, and her condition is overall stable, so much so that she even came out to talk with our folks.
They said she’s coughing, but that’s as it should be.

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