More on the book

Here’s the thing.
I wrote sometime ago that publishers are ready to publish my book about the Donbass titled “People Here” at their own expense, but without photos. They’d publish it with photos only if I covered the cost. Therefore I abandoned that idea, and wrote about it on the blog. On the same day, I received messages from several people asking how much it would cost to publish the book with photos, and offered their financial aid.

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“People Here”

A year and a half ago I wrote a book which was nominated for the National Bestseller prize.
A book about the Donbass titled “People Here” turned out to be rather small–I wrote it in a hurry to make the award deadline. Only half the planned size. Whole chapters were cut and removed.
Then I put the book away and started to work with publishers.
Nearly all of them said: it’s small, write more.
I spent a year and a half wrestling with it, not knowing what to do. To write more, to self-publish, or I don’t know what.

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The Donbass Book

The book has raised many questions–is this using the war for personal publicity and suchlike.
This book spent a long time forming inside me. It’s not a collection of blog posts, although about half the text are excerpts from the blog. One can spend a long time discussing the definition of literature and the creative process. I don’t view myself as deserving of the prize–there are dozens of more talented people. I did not nominate myself, I was nominated and found out about it after Maria Arbatova, whom I’ve never seen or corresponded with prior to this, wrote me about it.
I also don’t believe it will make the short list.
But this book is my baby which was born not because I wanted it to be born. It just turned out that way.

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Review No. 3

The third review of my “there are people here” manuscript.
For those who are new to the topic, my book, still unpublished, has been nominated for the National Bestseller award.
In his review, Aleksandr Yetoev mentions another book which is similar in terms of topic and genre–Yana Kovich’s “Donbass Diary” published in 2015. It’s the first time I hear of it. Anyone read it?
I’m, as  usual, reading the review from my own perspective, and realize that different people will find different things in any text.

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A National Bestseller

I wrote a book. Somehow.
And in February Maria Arbatova nominated it for the National Bestseller award, and it is now on the long list. It was a total surprise for me. Maria Arbatova, the award, everythng.
It didn’t take me long to write it, but it was a struggle. It’s not very voluminous.
It’s about the Donbass, and it’s title is taken from one of my reports: “There are people here.”
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