Dr. Liza perished. “Saints are all long gone”

It’s not about the fact she saved tens, no, rather hundreds of children and simply people who were homeless and on their own, who were not of use to anyone else. Others can write that without my help. It’s also not about how the “proper” liberals only know how to badmouth others but will never get off their asses to do something other than criticizing and filling their pockets.
And it’s not about how, unlike them, Liza simply did things–and did them quietly in spite of everything. It’s about the fact that people like her are the only goddamned chance this world has not to drown in sewage.
I will say something awful–the number of the needy will not decrease. There were always many of them, and they won’t become fewer in number. War, villainy, flaws–these are the essence of human nature which, as time and history has shown, aren’t going anywhere but simply adopt new forms.
But people like her are few and far in between.

Photo from Elizaveta Glinka’s Facebook page.

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