Elena Petrovna had died

On Friday, on early morning of January 24, Elena Petrovna died in intensive care. She was a lonely retiree with no relatives. No husband, children, family.
She was being helped by a neighbor, also a retiree.
She spent the entire active part of the war of the summer of ’14 in her home in Lugansk: “where was I to go on my legs?” Her house was lucky, the shells flew by. The woman could only pray for her survival. She did not have the strength to run to bomb shelters, and her situation was the same as that of many other retirees. But the neighbors did get hit.
Epilepsy, stroke, hepatitis–this is a far from full list of ailments the woman had suffered in the past few years. In ’17 she was diagned with cancer.

We tried to help the woman as best we could. She did not have it easy at all.
Thank you everyone who helped us!
She is not suffering any more.



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