Presents for the Children of Lugask

This New Year’s party for the kids was organized for the Lugansk Social Services Center for the Family, Children, and Youth (every time I have to look up the full name–it’s simply horror). This Center, with which we’ve been working for the last five years, helps children.
This year we’re once again the Grandfather Frost. The Center provides aid to children who found themselves in difficult situations. Disabled children, children of single moms, multi-child families. Children from families who lost their homes to shells. Children who lost their providers due to fighting. The Center helps them all in accordance with its abilities. As do we. You will see many children from families whom we assist among these photos.
None of these kids have it easy.
In addition to the 65 kids at this party, we brought greetings to those kids who prepared it. About 50 children from various dance and theater groups performed at this party at the former Pioneers’ Home in Lugansk. As the kids said themselves, they’ve been performing for 20 days at various parties and watching how other kids get presents. Therefore we could not but give them presents as well. Lena said they were “beside themselves with joy–we are ALSO getting presents?”

My dear friends and subscribers!
Big thanks to you for your participation in Donbass aid efforts!
Thank you for your participation in our New Year action! Thanks to you, we were able to provide gifts to 600 kids!
This is our second report on New Year’s aid this year!
Thank you for your concern and caring.
I was the Snow Maiden myself more than once and can say one thing–this is brings a lot of joy to all these kids!
Just look at the photos and the happy mugs of these kids!)))

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