Heroic Grannies

My blog is a paradox in that while 80% of my posts are about the Donbass, the most read posts are the remaining 20%. With the rarest of exceptions. As soon as I stop writing my thoughts and stories, the rating crashes (in the sense of number of views).
My life of late has not been very simple, so I’ve had little time to write the blog about myself. I promise to fix that and continue writing on the favorite themes of “Dunya once again broke/lost something, etc.”
But in spite of the fact the blog lost views, I want to give big thanks to all of those who continue helping the Donbass. In January I will have a many reports from New Year’s events, the first of which already took place. LPR people these days are veritable Stakhanovites, tirelessly delivering presents in one place after another. I will write about that, and post photos, later.
But the main thing is that in addition to presents, our friends continue to deliver aid.
Thanks to everyone who, in spite of the holidays, leave, remember that there are people who need help! This is priceless, and it’s a point of pride that we’ve been able to organize it. Thanks to our entire team which put together these complex logistics!
I’m glad to see that even with the greatest drop in readership (yes, alas, I’m always upset when this happens), the aid continues.
And that’s very cool!
The post is about our friends’ most recent visits to our grannies. Heroic grannies who raised grandchildren on their own. They are all in unbelievably difficult situations. Age, illness, sadness from losing own children, but in spite of all that they have boundless love for their grandkids and do everything for them. What is more, not all parents try as hard.
Thank you for your caring!
If you want to help these families, please label your contributions “grandmas”


Our redheads, the readers’ favorites. Every post about them is an eruption. Because these kids are an explosion of nice.
As you know, their mom died and now they live with their granny. It’s a difficult situation since they are Russian citizens. They were born in Crimea to a married couple, but then the husband chased out the wife and kids, so she went back to her mother. To Lugansk.
She returned and died shortly afterwards–her heart failed. The children remained with the granny. She is fighting tooth and nail for them–activities, circles, drawing, reading, math.
They wanted to take away the kids since the temporary custody expired and it’s not renewable.
She’s trying to get permanent custody, but it’s not simple. The father is a Russian citizen and lives elsewhere. He’d have to be deprived of custody, and the kids are also Russian citizens. But the father himself kicked them out on the street. He doesn’t need the kids, but if we got our hands on him…
The granny is paralyzed with fear–she’s afraid they’ll take away the kids due to all the delays. We are trying to help out, but the situation is unclear.
And yes, because of all that red tape, she’s not getting any child care benefits.
She can’t have a normal job because of the need to take care of the kids.

We have been helping this family for a long time. Two grandkids and an elderly grandma–Elisey and Timur. The mother ran away a long time ago. We know little about the father.
This family has had a victory in the courts. The granny was finally able to get custody. She will get the first benefits payment in January.

When he was writing about this paperwork, Zhenya wrote that they “squeezed it out”. Alas, one must understand that LPR courts did not handle civil cases for years. Due to these delays, families like this one could not deal with custody issues or with benefits matters. There are such long waiting lists in courts that it’s impossible to get anything done fast.
The family is struggling. The granny is elderly, she has diabetes, hypertension, and a thousand other ailments. She constantly needs medications.
As of late her condition worsened. “My legs are like cotton, I can’t feel them”. But pressure did not jump. It’s not clear what happened. If she passes away, the children will be taken to an orphanage, therefore Lyubov Mikhailovna is trying as hard as she can.
Just look how they’ve grown! Timur is now a teen.

Valentina Ivanovna and her grandson Kirill. The mother died two years ago in unclear circumstances. The father vanished. Kirill remained with the grandma who is doing 200% of the parenting herself. English language, drama cricle, sports. During the first year the boy was pale and walked the whole time with a phone in his hand–he was hoping for a phone call from his mother…
Now he smiles, he’s found friends.

Zhenya: “When Lena comes, he hugs her, looks into her eyes, showers her with compliments. “Could I call you?” He really needs his mom((

Friends, thank you for being there. Thank you for your help and caring! thanks to you, we are helping these lone grandmas.
Please label your contributions “grandmas”.

If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebook,  V Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.


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