Learning to hear. Help is needed!

Rodion is a boy from Lugansk who was born deaf. He turned 3 in November. And thank God he was able to undergo cochlear implantation on both ears by that age. The first ear was implanted in Moscow last spring, the second in September, in Kiev. The implants will eventually allow him to hear.
As you know, we helped organize the Moscow part. Thanks to Irina Bednova, the implant was done for FREE. Thanks to you, we were able to help the family with money for the trip, stay, medications, etc. In Kiev the operation was also free of charge, and thank God that’s how it turned out.
But now there’s this situation.
The operation was only one stage. The rest consist of tuning the apparatus and conducting exercises. We’ve managed to deal with the latter. There is a clinic in Rostov, MasterSlukh, which now works with the boy. Rodion made several visits and had intensive exercises with their specialists. They tuned the Moscow implant and worked with the boy. And, most importantly, taught the mom how to work with Rodion and how to have exercises with him. Big thanks to physicians, educators, and hearing specialists who are helping Anya (mom) and Rodion!

In November, Rodion made the first visit after the second implant. It was planned to tune up both the Moscow and Kiev implants. The latter one was not yet tuned since it was just implanted.
But it turned out the Kiev implant is not of the type that’s used in Russia. There are no specialists in Rostov able to tune it.
Before the trip, we gave the family the money we collected with you for this tripe.
However, some of the activities at the clinic had to be paid for, and there were also expenses associated with tickets, lodging, food, medications.

These are photos from the most recent visit to Rostov and exercises with Rodion.

So now the priority is, ideally by February but hopefully by mid-January, to have the second implant tuned. There are certain complications, such as ensuring the two implants are synchronized.
As I wrote, it’s not possible to do this in Rostov.
There are only a few specialists in Moscow able to do this, and we’ve contacted them.
Now we are trying to decide–he’ll either go to Moscow or to Kiev.
In any event, it’s much more expensive than the trips to Rostov which is close to the LPR border and where the doctors already know us and do much for free.
And, alas, the price of using Moscow specialists is much higher.

Therefore the family still needs help.
Every day counts for Rodion. He’s constantly doing exercises. He’s learning to hear. To speak.
But it will come to naught if the second implant is not tuned. It will simply be useless.
That’s where the problem is.
Anya called me after Rostov and was almost crying, not knowing what to do. These are enormous expenditures for the family. LPR salaries are tiny.
Shall we help Rodion?
Please label your contributions “Rodion”
This is very, very important.
And it will be the best present for the boy, being able to hear with the second ear.

All of the MasterSlukh specialists praise the boy and say “he has a future”. In the sense, he has every chance to fully restore his hearing and speech. That’s not always so with cochlear implants. The time factor is crucial!
We’ve been helping Rodion since March 2019. To read posts about Rodion, please click on the “Rodion” tag at the bottom of this post.
Friends, thank you very much for your concern and caring!

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Please label contributions for this boy “Rodion”.


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