New Year on the Donbass

Isn’t it too soon? If anything, it’s too late. Well, not entirely, of course.
Friends, since 2014 we have been providing New Year’s greetings for people who live in the war zone. At first it was all very chaotic–someone collected presents, brought them to me, someone bought gift sets and also brought them to my home. We then drove with it from Moscow and other cities to LPR/DPR and distributed among the children.
After that we started to look after not only after the kids but also adults–in hospices, retirement homes. I recall how in January ’15 we simply gave toys to all the kids we met in the grey zones–where there’s still fighting. There weren’t many kids, but I remember nearly all of their faces…I was so scared then–there was constant roar of incoming and outgoing shells. It was noisy the whole time, and the children already back then, five years ago, were so used to it that they did not react to explosions…

It’s all different now. There is no sense in dragging things all the way from Moscow or other cities. It’s cheaper and simpler to order everything on the spot. But it has to be done ahead of time, that’s why I’m writing it’s nearly too late (
Tree ceremonies will start on 12/17. We’ll have to order and have delivered everything by then.
But better late than never! One has to hurry to get everything done on time.
Whom are we planning to greet?
I hope we’ll be able to pull off the maximum scenario, we always by some miracle were able to pull it off.
It means Trees at the Lugansk Aid Center for children and families in a difficult situations, disabled children. Secondly, we really want to reach the children in Kalinovo, near Pervomaysk. There’s been fighting there for the last 5 years and it’s still not over. Holidays there are very soulful and earnest. We’d also like to visit hospices.
There are many requests and whether we are able to satisfy all of them depends only on you.
Friends, shall we make a holiday for LPR?
I won’t make pathos-laden speeches about how it’s particularly important for these people to receive presents. I can say only one thing, having “worked” once as the Snow Maiden on the Donbass, I have not seen happier children than those who received ordinary boxes of candy from the real Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter. I’m simply unable to convey the emotions which overtook me. Children came up to me with gaping mouths, read me poems. What can one even say! Even grandmas and parents sang me songs. They cried, cheered, tried to feed me and didn’t want to let me go.
So, all in all, friends, join us!
Please label your contributions “New Year”. A single present will cost on average between 150 and 250 rubles (depends on the volume we’ll buy). It’s not all that much, but for many families it’s more than they can afford.
In hoc signo vinces!If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebook,  V Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

Please label any contributions for this purpose “New Year”.
Reposts and likes are most encouraged as they truly help our effort!

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