Shall we help Rodion?

Friends, we have news about Rodion.
A deaf boy from Lugansk whom we are helping.
A miracle happened last spring, and thanks to Irina Bednova we were able to take him to Moscow for a cochlear implant on his right ear. For free?
Since then he’s been undergoing a long training and rehabilitation course.
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We recently got unexpected and wonderful news. In September his other ear was implanted. Also for free. This time it was done not in Russia but in Ukraine, which makes us very happy. I’m honestly very glad they are also helping the inhabitants of the Republics, because more often than not we hear stories about refusals. The left ear received an implant in Kiev. Now he has two implants. It’s good it happened so quickly. I was told by specialists that the training and tuning process should ideally happen on both ears at once.

What do I want to say?
As you know the Master-Slukh clinic in Rostov continue their efforts. A miracle occurred–someone from the clinic read my posts on the internet and wrote me in person, offering to take up treatment. Mom takes her son there once every 6 weeks, he undergoes intensive exercises which usually take about a week. That is very important. Mom can’t teach him everything he needs by herself. Such specialists are not available in Lugansk. Moreover, the apparatus needs to be constantly tuned. Without these exercises, the implants would simply become useless hardware in his head. “Hearing” is a skill which must be learned.

Irina Aleksandrovna, a doctor with Master-Slukh who is treating the boy says Rodion has terrific potential. He’s been making good progress and has every chance to fully restore speech and hearing. It’s not always like that. He was not operated on right after birth but when he was two and a half years old. That’s a lot, since during that entire time he did not know what sound was. The sooner the implant, the simpler the adaptation and more chances to fully develop hearing.

Trips to Rostov are very expensive for the family. We try as best we can to help them. These operations, trips cost them everything they had. One must add that Anya herself has certain health problems. So the family badly needs help.
Trains, lodging, food–that’s a lot of money for anyone who currently lives in the Republics where salaries are low.
Anya is fighting for Rodion like a she-wolf. She tries every possible approach to make sure her boy will hear again. As of right now, regular exercises are vitally important for Rodion.
Shall we help Anya?
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One so wants to hear the first words spoken by this charming boy.

Rodion after the left ear surgery.


To read more about Rodion, click on the “Rodion” tag at the bottom of this post.
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Please label contributions for this boy “Rodion”.


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