Rodion in Rostov!


You’re going to drop dead right now! And you won’t believe it. You’ll say Hirosimka has taken to drinking.
The power of networks continues to amaze yet again! The power of repost (don’t forget about that, by the way!) in action.
There’s a kid in Lugansk named Rodion. He’s two and a half. A little dynamo. It so happened that he was born deaf. We were able to organize a free surgery for him to install a cochlear implant in Moscow. Lugansk lacks proper equipment and specialists for something like that. Doctors would say it would take a miracle. That miracle was Irina Bednova who helped organize everything for free in the capital. And that’s a lot of money, believe me.
So in April the boy was taken to Moscow. The operation took place, everything was successful. In May he was brought back for the first tuning. That already had to be paid for. Thanks to you and your aid, we were able to pay for the specialists, Anya (the mom) and Rodion’s stay in Moscow, and bought tickets there and back.
I wrote about all that in detail earlier.
Painstakingly retold the tuning procedure, what the specialists had to say.
And then suddenly I get a letter.

And it comes from the Rostov “MasterSlukh” hearing center which just happens to be in the business of adjusting such devices and rehabilitating children after the implantation. What did they write? They wrote the following.
Going to Moscow every once in a while is too little and too complicated for everyone, both the children and parents. The distance, the time, the money–many factors. And while Moscow is far away, Rostov is very close. Moreover, the Center where Rodion had his surgery specializes in surgeries, not subsequent adaptation.
He needs lengthy and complete immersion. Not for a couple of days of exercises, but an intense program. The surgery was done late, Rodion is already more than two years old and he’s been socialized not knowing about sound. The sooner, the better and simpler the adaptation will be. But how could that have been done sooner? He was born in the midst of war. Where they couldn’t issue a diagnosis. He was born unexpectedly.
There is a lot of work to be done now in order not to waste more time and enable him to speak. That’s a difficult process, and everything hangs by a hair. The first THREE years are needed for constant exercises, support, and monitoring. Yes, these are electronics, and Rostov is right next to LPR.
But that’s just lyricism. The non-lyricism consists of the center being willing to admit the boy for treatment. FOR FREE.
That’s right.
The LiveJournal post thus found the right people by itself. Or the right people found the post by themselves. Or Rodion, or something else. I don’t even know what’s happening. But when I read it, my eyes were as large as plates. Because we were just thinking about how to arrange the financing and logistics.
The center offered its help.
I’m in shock, and can’t even express my gratitude to the center for such a gift!

What can I say? I think you probably already know me well. When I got the letter, I put my death grip on the situation.
Not even a few weeks later Anya and Rodion are in Rostov…
They began exercises with that clinic’s remarkable instructor, Irina Aleksandrovna.
The whole week will be spent in intense activities with various instructors. Hearing experts, psychologists, speech specialists…
Moreover, the clinic told us they will also help with the equipment. In other words, there will be technical support in case of break-down.
Thath makes me so happy it’s hard to believe!
We were very concerned about that.
Irina Aleksandrovna is preparing to introduce Anya with other moms who have children with similar conditions. They have their own chat groups where they share their problems.

Friends, Anya and Rodion will not need to travel for intensive training.
We were able to organize housing right next to the center, it’s a residential area of Lugansk, so it’s not expensive.
We’ll be grateful for any assistance for this family.
All of this costs money. But most importantly, the pedagogues will work with Rodion for free. Pedagogues of the highest caliber.

The boy may become an absolutely normal child! He’s already started hearing, the process has begun.
Thanks to all who sent money for Rodion.
Thanks to you, we were able to organize everything in a quick fashion.
Please label your contributions for this family “Rodion”.

Anya sent me a letter which I decided to show to you, with her permission:
“You know, when I came  after the implantation many were asking “did you cry after it was turned on”..Many don’t know all the details about that miracle implant. I knew about it in theory, but in reality didn’t understand much how it was possible when my deaf boy can imitate and repeat what he hears…ahhh. That’s when it came…the tight throat, and I was trying to hold it in so that people wouldn’t think the mom is crazy. I decided to write and share my feelings, so that you knew what miracles you are working, that nothing is for naught.”
Friends, all of this is a long sequence of miracles.
Irina Bednova, doctors who operated, you all, Irina Aleksandrovna, “MasterSlukh”, Zhenya and Lena, Sasha, Tanya)))
Thank you all!!!
Rodion will hear!!!!

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Please label contributions for this boy “Rodion”.

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