Aleksey is back home!

A miracle happened!
Aleksey was operated on and…he’s not merely alive, not merely conscious.
Everything turned out perfect!
Aleksey quickly recovered. A day later he was sitting, eating, walking. Things developed so rapidly that he was discharged on June 11, though we were expecting him to say there for at least another week. But, as the experts said in the end, there is no need for him to say longer, his condition was good, so he could go home.
We sent Aleksey home, together with his wife Tanya.
And by “we” I mean our Sasha, who took them to the bus station.
They are already back in Lugansk, are recovering, and can’t believe what just happened.

Aleksey suffered an aneurysm in March. Two attacks. He needed a complex “open”  surgery. In Lugansk it would cost enormous money, which the family didn’t have.
It amounted to a trenapation, an extremely difficult process.
There was a strong likelihood he would not have survived it. There was also a strong likelihood he’d be paralyzed or in a coma. But one couldn’t avoid taking that risk. He was even afraid to sneeze, out of fear the aneurysm would burst. He spent a few months in bed, afraid to do anything at all. He didn’t move and waited. He had two attacks, and it’s a miracle he survived. One of them took place in front of his daughter. After that, she couldn’t sleep.
Aleksey underwent his surgery in Moscow. It was done for FREE thanks to Irina Bednova.
Friends, that’s a huge miracle, that everything turned out the way it did.
It was a miracle the trip was organized. It was a miracle he was able to travel to Moscow without consequences. And the biggest miracle was that the operation was such a success! It was not difficult to make the decision. The risks associated with not operating were far too great.
Thanks to all who worried about him!
Thanks to all who helped Aleksey!
Thanks to Lena and Zhenya, Sasha and Tanya, thanks to every-every-everyone!
And the biggest thanks go to the surgeons with golden hands!!!
A deep bow to you.
All in all, hurrah!)))
We can never have enough positive posts)

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