How did the surgery go?

One doesn’t want to say anything prematurely.
One becomes superstitious, afraid to say to much.
My phone has been ringing off the hook: “how did the surgery go?”
Aleksey from Lugansk was operated on by some of the best neurosurgeons in Moscow.
The surgery lasted 5 hours.
To say it was very complex would be an understatement. I wrote in an earlier post it’s the most complex existing surgery. More so than a heart surgery. He had a trepanation done and, in rough terms, his blood vessel was put “back in the right place”.
Aleksey had an aneurysm and two attacks, and it’s a miracle he survived.
Tanya, his wife, says the surgeons were very concerned both before and after the operation.

Here are the news so far:
He’s been in intensive care until today. I decided not to write anything until he regained consciousness.
He’s been transferred to a general in-patient ward.
He can move arms and legs, conscious, lucid.
Is already allowed to eat.
Doctors said everything went “as it should”.
He’ll be coming out of the anesthesia and recovering from the surgery for several more days.
Tanya, it seems, still doesn’t grasp what happened. Even today she was crying into the phone. The daughters, she says, were celebrating yesterday, jumping for joy.
We still haven’t fully grasped, either. So it’s too soon to say everything’s fine.
There was a high chance of Aleksey not surviving the surgery. As is the chance he’ll be paralyzed or, worse, mentally incompetent.
Brain surgery is a very difficult and dangerous undertaking.
We’re exhaling.

Huge thanks to Irina Bednova thanks to whom Aleksey was able to undergo the surgery in Moscow FOR FREE!
Friends, thanks to everyone who helped him and worried about him!
And, most importantly–thanks to the doctors with golden hands who saved this man!

We don’t know how much longer he’ll be hospitalized, but it will be no less than 10 days.
If you want to help this family (tickets, odds and ends, medications), please label your contributions “Aleksey”.
I will write about everything and post photos, as always.


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Please label contributions for this family “Aleksey”.

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