Helping the Infant Pathology Ward

Here it is, the power of networks!
So I write a post in mid-May. Folks, we need a printer for Infant Pathology! And inhalators, syringes, mixtures, diapers. All of that is badly needed!
And I instantly get a response.
There is a printer. Brand new, still in the unopened box. In Karelia.
It means Natalya is writing me.
So I write back, clarify. While I do that, the printer arrives in Moscow. Our Sasha met it there and sent to Lugansk. Even as I was writing her, she surprised me by writing that it was already sent off. Wow.
I’m again running back and forth. And now Zhenya is sending me photos from Lugansk showing a happy ward director with the printer.
Oh, so it was already delivered. Then the director called in a shock–“there’s also a scanner? a new one?”. Well, not really new, it’s about 10 years old, but never even unpacked.
Our friends arrived not only with the printer but also everything else they were asking for.
The workers there were speechless.
And I’m running back and forth.
You responded so quickly and smoothly, friends. I don’t even know what to say!!!
Fine, I’m also awesome)


In actuality, many people responded. There were certain complexities associated with that. But that Karelian one arrived with the speed of wind. Hardly any time had passed and it was there and working.
So here’s what I want to say to everyone. (Which is what I, as usual, always want to say)))
I visited Natalya’s page, and there were hand-made dolls, animals, pictures, travels, and beautiful countries.
Sometimes I want to say something about each one of you. But I don’t know anything. What is happening inside a person, what do they feel?
After all, many upon reading my post write all manner of terrible things, others simply pass by. And that’s normal.
But what’s happening inside those of you who decide to help?
What secret world exists there?
With its own pain, sadness, and thoughts? Storms, animals, pictures, and caring?
For example, we received a big sum of money for diapers from Vienna. From someone about whom I know nothing at all. It was delivered through third parties. From Vienna, a beautiful European city. For LPR children. Children of war.
It’s enough to make you dizzy.
Karelia, Vienna, Crimea, Kazan, etc.
I’m running back and forth.
And I can’t even properly thank everyone.
Natalya, Ilya, Sasha, Lena, and every one else.
Thank you!

Friends, thank you all.
And this is my report.
We also delivered diapers, inhalators, mixes, syringes.

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

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