Already can hear!

This tiny apparatus on Rodion’s little ears costs over 700 thousand rubles.
Thanks to this miracle of technology, he can now hear.
–He can already hear?
–Yes, he hears, already hears. But doesn’t understand what.
Rodion had a complicated cochlear implant surgery in April. It’s a miracle which only a few decades ago was impossible.
The boy was born in Lugansk, born deaf. It took a long time to issue the diagnosis. The situation in the region is difficult–isolation, war. What’s there to explain…
No equipment, no specialists who could help the boy. The family did not have the money for the apparatus or surgery.
Thanks to Irina Bednova, we were able to take the boy to Moscow for a free surgery!

He recently was brought to Moscow for the first tuning. It was set a minimum in order not to deafen or frighten him.
Rodion had the help of hearing and language specialists. To teach him to hear. They showed him exercises, explained everything, watched his reactions.
He hears loud noises but does not understand where they come from. All of that has to be pointed out to him. It’s a very difficult path but I am sure that Anya and her son will succeed!
Friends, thanks to everyone who is participating in our effort to help this boy!
A separate thanks to our Zhenya and Sasha for helping meet the boy in Moscow and send him back home. Friends, you are the best!
Thanks to everyone who sent money.
Unfortunately, these three days of work with specialists had to be paid for.
Thanks to you, we helped the family pay for the first tuning.
I hope that during his next visit we will be able to do everything for free.
Moreover, batteries will have to be purchased separately when they run out. This device is not rechargeable, batteries last about 2 months when the apparatus is in constant use, and they cost 3500 rubles.
Rodion and Anya will return to Moscow in six weeks to raise the sound level and observe his adaptation.
Friends, if you want to joint our Rodion aid effort, please label your contributions “Rodion”.
Tickets, food along the way, spare batteries, all of that is very expensive for this family.
Beyond their ability.
We want so much for Rodion to be able to hear well!
Once again, thank you!

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If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:
Please label contributions for this boy “Rodion”.

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