Every day is like the last one

I don’t know what an aneurysm is.
They say it’s something terrible, particularly when it affects blood vessels in the head.
Imagine everything going well–you are working, have two daughters, a loving wife. And then, one day, the life changes in a single moment.
Loss of consciousness–ambulance–regional neurosurgery. “Sack aneurysm of the right ICA communicative segment, irregular shape, partial thrombosis.”
Doctors will understand. Non-doctors will understand something really bad happened in the head.
And most awfully, Aleksey’s life is now hanging by a thread. He may die at any moment.
“The family was explained the diagnoses, possible risks, complications, and consequences…up to and including death”.
That’s what the medical history says.

Aleksey and his younger daughter

Aleksey is from Lugansk. In spite of the difficulty of life in the region, their family was doing fine. They had no need for aid, at any rate. But it all collapsed in an instant.
After the “fall”, Aleksey was taken to Donetsk where the diagnosis was confirmed.
He needs a surgery. Worst of all, this surgery could kill him.
But without the surgery, the aneurysm will kill him for sure. That’s how his life hangs by a thread. They are ready to take the risk, but such surgeries cost a lot of money in Lugansk. The hospital already issued an estimate for each component:

A million rubles.
They turned to us for help but I here I must say with all honesty that I cannot undertake a collection for a sum like that. It is enormous and beyond the ability of our team. Though if you have a spare million, please write me!
Nevertheless, he also needs medications which also cost a lot, which may be within our powers.
But the main thing is that we are looking for other options and we really hope we’ll be able to have Aleksey undergo the necessary surgery for free. It’s sad when a chance exists but the man may die because of lack of money.
Aleksey’s daughters never leave his side. He’s in bed the whole time. He can’t make any strenuous efforts, he even tries not to talk. When he was visited and was alone with our Zhenya, he whispered “if something happens, my family will be thrown out of the house, it’s not mine”.
The family is having a very difficult time. They are heavily in debt because Aleksey no longer works.
The medical evaluation in Donetsk cost a lot, they constantly need medications. And yes, there’s also the cost of housing, food, and everything else.
It’s a difficult situation.
Every day is like the last one:
The wife cries a lot not knowing what to do. I’ll say nothing of the girls…
I ask you to help Aleksey. The family lives in Lugansk. They went through a lot during these years.
What else is there to say, considering the five years of war.
Please label your contributions “Aleksey”.
Yes, reposts, likes, and comments also help a lot!
Thank you for your caring!

Medical history extracts.


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Please label contributions for this family “Aleksey”.


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