“Where are we to run to?”

Ira was pregnant when Lugansk was being wiped out. She is from the long-suffering Vergunka which is still on the “separation” line. When she realized she can’t stay home, she took her daughter and went to Lugansk to “wait it out”. There was no place else to go.
It was too late to leave the region, the husband was nowhere to be seen–and still isn’t.
Ira says that she wrote to her daughter a couple of times through social media. That’s all.
Indeed, why bother? He’s got a new life, without children and destroyed homes, where fighting can start again at any moment.
Ira then went to Lugansk, and when she returned the home half-destroyed. The roof and walls collapsed, all windows were broken. The house itself was thoroughly looted, down to forks and rugs. .
Please forgive me this preamble–I wrote about this woman many times. But maybe she was forgotten, and others have not read about her. So one has to periodically remind. We met Ira by accident–we were bringing aid to the neighbors.
Since the we’ve been helping her too, though Ira herself never calls to say what her problems are. Thanks to you, we’ve managed to fix up the house, get a boiler, buy clothes, dishes, food, medications.
Ira’s situation remains hard–she’s alone with the children. Many health problems.
And most importantly, they are still shooting there. Their house is on the very edge of Ukrainian advance. No cellar.
Do you know what Vika, her daughter, said after one of the bombardments?
“Mom, relax. Where are we to run to? What happens, happens.”

Irina’s house was rebuilt but it’s still in bad shape. There are cracks everywhere, stucco is crumbling. It would be good to fix it up some more. But she doesn’t dream of such “luxuries”. Only surviving.

During the years of our help Ira was never idle. She always worked. On the market, or assembling locks, or digging up someone else’s gardens.
She took on any work. Daughter helps with everything. She’s so grown I don’t recognize her any more.
Ira doesn’t know what else to do. One has to raise the children, but there is no money or help.
What’s there to say–it’s a difficult situation.
If you want to help the family, please label your contributions “Ira”.

And there’s another thing. A small problem. Evgeniya Birma sent Vika a notebook a few years ago. It broke down. I took it to Moscow to fix it, but it didn’t work. I have a question, does anyone have a working notebook that they are not using?
We need a notebook, because Vergunka has regular power outages. I realize that a computer sounds like a luxury. But the girl dreams of going to medical school. She’s constantly at the library, but LPR schools have big problems with textbooks and materials. Downloading from the internet offers a way around that problem.
Vika doesn’t simply want to become a doctor, but a surgeon-oncologist.
Zhenya and Lena said that after visiting them recently: “We were astounded. We asked Ira, was that her idea? Ira: “I was in shock myself. She decided, she goes to the library borrows books which I myself can’t understand”.
So if you have a spare notebook and you want to donate it to Vika, please write me (contact information at the bottom).
Friends, once again, thank you for everything!
If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.

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