We found medications!

We were successful!!!Now I’ll tell you everything.
In December I wrote a post about little Karina from Lugansk who needs a monthly treatment with cerebrokurin, which can’t be obtained in LPR. The girl needs it to live, and if she doesn’t get it regularly, she might be developmentally delayed.
It costs a lot of money and is unavailable in the Republics. It’s not easy to find it in Russia either, and it costs much more there than in Ukraine.
But we collected the money and ordered it in Ukraine. For Karina’s family that’s an insurmountable expense.
And now it was delivered!!! We can now breath easy, after this difficult and risky undertaking.
I won’t tell you all the details, because even getting it through LPR checkpoints is not simple.
What we bought will suffice for a whole year!!!!

Karina’s mom Ira found me on Vkontakte and wrote:
“Good evening. I don’t even know what to say and where to start. You don’t know us, but our whole big family knows you!!! You help our little one who is very ill. You helped us buy cerebrokurin shots which are expensive for us. To simply say “thank you” is like saying nothing. We have nothing but the greatest respect for you!!! Huge thanks for doing this not onl for us! Our little one is developmentally delayed((( We are still very worried. But we believe and know it will all end well! We are constantly working with her–massages, rehabilitation, hospital.
Thanks to you and the specialists things will get better, we will be like all the kids–we’ll run after the ball and chase the brother) Thank you once again!!!”
Karina turned two in January. Now, namely in early February, she’s going to the hospital once again for botox in order to treat her left side. Then again rehab. Shots, gymnastics, shots, gymnastics.
You do remember the story of Kolya from Vergunka who was almost done in by his mother? We met many such mothers since. But after meeting Ira, you have faith in people again.
Ira is totally dedicated to the kids. And I am certain that Karina will chase her brother and play ball!
We will continue to help her.

Karina and mom


We also help the family with medications and diapers. In actuality, nearly all the family’s money is spent on the treatment. But Karina also has an older brother. Ira herself is very thin, as if she were a 7th-grader.

Thank you friends for helping Karina!

Karina’s medical history extracts

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