Karina will turn two in a month. She is alive and growing only because she gets an injection of Cerebrocurine every two months which the family can barely afford. It’s a crisis every time it’s the turn to buy more ampules. But the big problem is not even the money, but rather that it’s hard to get the drug in LPR.
Zhenya said that Ira, the girl’s mom, is “out of her mind”.
When she was one month old, she was diagnosed with a internal hematoma in a location which ruled out trauma. She had a surgery, there were complications, followed by meningoencephalitis. Now there is a liquid where the hematoma used to be, which cannot be removed. She needs the injections to live.

Ira and Karina

Karina has an older brother, Yaroslav. In third grade. He’s Ira’s son from her first marriage.
The girl’s father, Artyom, is on the front line. He’s in the militia. And he could perish at any moment.
But thanks to his service the family has money. Barely enough to buy the necessary medications, after paying for housing, food, clothes.
The drug costs 13 thousand per 10 ampules in Ukraine. In Russia it’s more expensive. Many times more. Therefore they get it from Ukraine which is becoming more and more difficult, given the Donbass’ wartime situation.
She also needs other preparations, which are obtainable. But these ampules are a different story.
Thanks to these ampules Karina is able to grow normally. She and her mom are constantly at the Rebirth convalescence center or at the hospital. In spite of the terrible diagnosis, the girl has had no developmental problems.
It’s a difficult situation.
The parents are fighting for the girls’ life, they love her and are doing everything for her sake.
I’m even afraid to think what Ira feels. What it must be like to depend on some boxes, when your child is always on the verge, while the husband is in the trenches and can die at any moment. And you have to also worry about the son and the rented housing. While living in a Republic where a big war could break out at any moment, like in 2014.

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If you are able to obtain this drug, please write me. My contact information is below.
Thank you!

Karina’s medical history.

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