For Diabetics

The three kids on the photos below are Roma, Anya, and Katya, all from Lugansk. They have been just diagnosed with diabetes. The girls found out about it in emergency rooms. How is a parent to know what’s happening? The child simply appears weak, listless. That could be caused by a thousand things, including stress which is a normal thing OVER THERE. Many LPR kids have lived through bombings, slept in cellars and heard shells strike neighboring homes many times. And then the kid suddenly loses consciousness, falls into a coma.
The newly discovered diabetics are a post-war scourge. Their number is growing, unfortunately.
Friends, as you know, we try to help diabetics in the Republics. Insulin is being issued regularly, so far there are no problems with it, thank God. But as I already said many times, it’s hard to get test strips. It’s not even about getting them at the pharmacies. They can be purchased. The problem is that they cost a lot. And they are not issued for free, like insulin. Average LPR salary is about 5,000 rubles. A single test strip pack is 1,300 rubles, and one needs an average of two packs per month.

The amazing Sasha K. has sent many big batches of test strips and glucose meters for our diabetics.
We just had a distribution of glucose meters, test strips, and needles.




In addition to helping these kids, we brought a glucose meter and test strips to the Kalinovo hospice. This hospice is practically in the grey zone. There are regular shellings. I wrote about it before.
Right now there are 42 patients in the hospice which has capacity of only 24. Five of them have diabetes and the hospice has no glucose meter. Taking them to a hospital every time is a big problem.

We also brought a glucose meter and test strips to our Taisiya Pavlovna, who alone raises a grandson. The daughter was killed by a shell fragment. During the summer, the woman survived two strokes. When her sugar was measured, the numbers came back bad. She’s on a diet, but was told her sugar needs to be monitored. Taisiya, when she found out how much test strips cost, said:
“Perhaps I will wash the test strips, dry them, and reuse them?” )))

We also brought two packets of test strips to Olga Aleksandrovna, a children’s endocrinologist. There is a glucose meter in her office, but no test strips. We left them with her in order to be able to check sugar level on the spot.

Sasha, big thanks to you! And thanks to everyone who is helping us!
Friends, if you’ve decided to help diabetics, and there are many of them, please label your contributions “diabetes”. This is a very urgent and necessary effort.
If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

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