Helping the Surgery Ward

Friends, I want to thank everyone who, in spite of the holiday chaos, continues to participate in our Donbass aid effort.
Thanks to you, were were able and are able to do a lot to help this region.
It may sound immodest, but my little-known blog sometimes does more than many well-known foundations, people, and even organizations. I’m genuinely proud of myself, my team, and us all! Because the volume of what we’ve done is impressive.
Thank you for your caring!
In addition to helping specific families who found themselves in dire straits, we help hospices, retirement homes, orphanages, and hospitals.

We recently helped the surgery ward in a Lugansk hospital. We bought lamps of various sizes, housekeeping stuff (gasoline, soap, powders, gloves, etc.). These seemingly trivial things is what they are always short of. It’s not a lot, but it’s a constant headache for the nurses.
I also want to separately thank everyone who works in these hospitals.
Among them are brilliant specialists, who could have left when the war started, but haven’t done so.
But instead they continued saving people without respite. One of them is the remarkable Sergey Ivanovich, a surgeon.
Zhenya writes:
“The ward head saved me in 1996. Two surgeries, infection, no reaction to antibiotics. I owe him my life. He was an ordinary doctor then. Now he’s the best surgeon in Lugansk. Anyone who’s his patient may be absolutely sure that he’ll do everything possible and do it in the best way possible. He’s also a very modest and remarkable individual. Not a “careerist”. Not a money-grubber. “One mustn’t take money for that, perhaps that’s why I still live.” That’s what he said in a private conversation. Without affectation, in a quiet, tired voice. Anyone can come to him. Irrespective of status.
Though it’s difficult to find him in his office. Sergey Ivanovich is either in the operating room or the bandage-changing room. He deals with one case after another…He’s a hero in the right spot. And I’m proud to know there are people like that in our city. Who haven’t left, who operated under fire. Who didn’t enrich themselves when an opportunity arose. Who put their profession of healing and saving at the top of their priorities.”
Friends, thank you all!
And I’m reminding you we’re continuing to help and will be glad to have you join us.
Details below.

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

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