Helping the Hospice

Thanks to everyone who responded to our call for help for the Novosvetlovka hospice in LPR.
Our hospice, if one may use that term. The hospice where our Lilya departed. A place were people depart.
This is a new ward in the Novosvetlovka hospital, replacing the maternity ward. We’ve been helping it since it opened in early 2016. The money we’ve collected was used to buy cleaning agents and powders which are in short supply.

We were not able to collect enough for diapers, but that’s understandable. They are seemingly not a necessity, and they cost a lot. The ward gets only a minimal supply. Therefore they are using reusable diapers. Mostly made from discarded towels which are then washed round the clock until they fall apart. Most of the patients are bed-ridden, and cannot independently use the toilet.
A single packet of adult diapers costs on average 1200 rubles. The ward needs at least 50 such packets every month…
Zhenya: “They were so thankful, as if we brought them cakes, candy, champagne”…
Friends, in addition to the Novosvetlovka hospice, we’ve been helping others too (click on the “hospice” tag at the bottom of this post). For example, one in Kalinovo, near Pervomaysk, which is practically in the grey zone. I wrote a post about how we visited it two days after a shell landed in the yard…Their supply situation is far worse.
Diapers and cleaning agents–that’s what’s always in catastrophically short supply. You can’t even imagine how people manage to make do without them.
Please label contributions intended for hospices “hospice”.
Friends, thank you for your concern and help!

A letter of appreciation from the hospice.

If you want to help the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:
Please label contributions intended for hospices “hospice”.

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