Big Family

Elena Vasilyevna has 4 children.
It’s a big family, where the oldest son Kolya has Down Syndrome.
And you can probably guess where they are from, since they are on my blog.
Yes, from LPR.
Why didn’t they leave?
Well, they did leave.
They managed to leave within 24 hours when the city was closed by a blockade. And you know how many didn’t manage to leave? How many tried but couldn’t? Or were killed or wounded while trying to leave?
Elena Vasilyevna and her family escaped to Crimea and remained there until the ceasefire.
Some ceasefire…
Then she returned home. And thank God the home was whole, though neighboring ones were hit. And they were not plundered, which is not a rarity either, alas…
Why did they return?
This can’t be answered with a single sentence, I’m afraid.
Do you know how many returned? How many families tried to find work and housing but couldn’t? And it’s hard for a family with 4 kids, one of whom is disabled. Very hard. Incidentally, we returned many families with multiple children who returned. “Who needs us there”. Many kids, all have to be accommodated, fed, work has to be found…And one doesn’t have one’s own house or garden…
Because, you know, they simply went back home.

Kolya is 22, Galya 9, and the twins Olya and Dima 6.
Kolya is in a special school. Zhenya called him “life-enjoying good kid”…A friendly and big family.
They are surviving as best they can.
It’s hard. And then there’s the war. They live as if on a volcano. Tiny salaries, tiny benefits.
The kids need clothes, food, school supplies…
Multi-child families, particularly with disabled kids, have it hard even in peacetime. In the Republics it is those families who are suffering most of all.

Our humanitarian aid.
Friends, thank you all! Thank you for continuing to help. For reading and reposting.
You know, I’m even afraid to think how many people we’ve helped thanks to your help, and are continuing to help…
It’s hard to believe that something like that can happen.
Thank you for being there.

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