“A matter of time”

About once a month, I sit down at the computer and don’t know what to write. You know that we’re helping cancer patients in Lugansk. Now only two of the “girls” whom we’ve been constantly assisting remain. The rest have left us…
My blog is a difficult read. Because it’s about war, about people who lost it all.
And on top of that there’s cancer.
You know, there is no need to exaggerate anything. Just the facts are enough.
These women have not received the needed treatment in time so now…They are dying.
They live in Lugansk, yes, where there’s a war on. Tiny social benefits. Not enough to buy food, let alone medications and tests.
And yes, you can’t write lovely paragraphs about how one could try a bit harder, collect a bit more money and take them to Rostov or Moscow, have an operation, and then there would be a chance.
No, these “girls” have no chances left.
So these posts are the least read. A black hole, when it comes to reader views. I realize that, but…
These patients really need financial support. Even more so than others.
They constantly need medications. Not just the chemo, though we bought that too since hospitals didn’t have it. Ordinary painkillers. They are needed all the time. And yes, thanks to all who read these posts. Thank you for your reposts, comments, and financial support!

Please label all contributions intended for cancer patients “cancer”.

Our Tanya.
How’s she doing?
Her breast was removed, had scans done.
Metastases in the spine. She’s had the fourth stage for a long time. Fighting to the last. Even smiles as best she can. Sometimes things turn for the better.
But all the doctors say the same thing–“a matter of time”.
But all of us, on the other side–“a matter of time”.

Our Anzhela. Here everything has gone wrong.
The head doctor said “we’re not magicians, it’s beyond our power”.
Anzhela believes, struggles, smiles, maintains good spirits. She doesn’t know.
And Lena and Zhenya have to pretend every time they come to visit that they don’t know…

Thank you, everyone!

If you want to help Tanya or other people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: littlehirosima@gmail.com. Paypal address: littlehirosima@gmail.com.
Please label donations for cancer patients “cancer”.


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