Shall we help the hospice?

There is a hospice in Novosvetlovka. Those who followed the Donbass events of 2014 know this village well. It was a site of heavy fighting. Whole streets became ruins. There are masses of burned out military vehicles, I saw them myself during my first humanitarian aid visits to LPR. After 2014, the village has struggled without electricity or water. It has been gradually restored.
And so was the hospital, which has not shut down for even a minute. Many people found shelter in its cellars.
But the maternity ward was closed, and later a hospice was opened in its place.

We’ve been helping this hospice since 2016, or shortly after it appeared.
It so happened that it had few sources of aid other than us. One might say, almost nobody but us. When we came the first time, they looked at us with disbelief, trying to comprehend how is it that just ordinary people just brought them aid.
I often write that nearly all the orphanages, hospitals, have been supplied well in the Republics.
But it’s a fact that we often are contacted by various hospital wards, retirement homes, with requests for help. You’ve seen that in our reports.
They are asking for simple and indispensable things. That which they always lack.
Linen, detergents and disinfectants, powders and…
Disposable diapers.
Yes, diapers.
There are many bedridden patients and patients suffering from incontinence.
There is never enough diapers.
The Novosvetlovka hospital mainly receives them from the relatives of patients. When that’s possible, of course. Or when there are relatives at all. After all, there are many patients who have no relatives or who have been abandoned. Alas.
Hospices have skimped on diapers because they are an unaffordable luxury. Therefore the nurses have to use washable diapers which they wash the whole day long. Until the diapers have holes. They are also short of detergents, as hospices skimp on them too. Hospice workers often bring their own detergents from home, because the Republic is not supplying enough.
They recently called us again, asking for help.
That’s how it is.
In such situations, we usually use the money which you contribute for general uses. Then you see the reports which account for how we spent it.
This is a post which requests help. Diapers are expensive, and we’d like to be able to offer real help.
If you want to help the hospice, please label the contributions “hospice”.
To read other posts about hospices, please click on the “hospice” tag at the bottom of this post.

Friends, thank you for your caring!

We brought help to the Novosvetlovka hospice in the Spring of 2018.

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

Please label contributions intended for hospice help “hospice”.

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