Medications for Lyosha

Friends, here’s the thing.
Lyosha was an ordinary child until the age of 3. Then he had a vaccination and problems began. In the end, he was diagnosed with “mental deficiency, emotional instability”. I don’t know about the vaccination, we’ll leave these debates for the appropriate venues, but it’s a fact he’s 14 and disabled. He lives in Lugansk with his mom who can’t work because she takes care of him. His mood can change in an instant and he loses control. The mom tried to work but it did not end well so she’s afraid to leave him alone for long. They live on a 2,000 ruble pension. Lyosha has to spend the rest of his life taking medications without which things are worse still. He gets fits so extreme that he damages furniture…
I wrote about him in mid-September. I wrote quickly, as an afterthought. But we, or rather Lena and Zhenya, only just got to know them and didn’t realize how complicated things are.
Here’s the crux of the problem.

The only medications which helps is Rispolept. It’s a Ukrainian product and it’s not sold in ordinary LPR pharmacies. Russian equivalents don’t help. He got worse when he tried to transition to them. Every time we try to obtain Rispolept, it’s a whole scavenger hunt. Zhenya found an underground (don’t ask) pharmacy which sells Ukrainian medications but they don’t always have what’s needed and the prices are very high too. It comes out to 900 rubles per packet, and he needs a packet and a half per month. That’s 1350 rubles, and they earn only 2,000.
I checked the internet–one can find it in Moscow and it’s slightly cheaper. But they all need prescriptions, plus there’s the question of transport. But that’s secondary.
Right now we’re trying to find ways to reduce the cost.

We also learned the mother needs Tazalok.

I won’t even mention expenses on food, clothing, utilities. The family is just trying to survive.
Friends, shall we help Lyosha and his mom?
You know, he and his mother spent the whole summer of 2014 in Lugansk. When it was bombed so hard you couldn’t leave the house. There were no medications. Pharmacies were half-empty until 2016.
Sometimes even bandages weren’t available, I remember that well.
And yes, after the fighting his condition worsened.

Please label any contributions intended for Lyosha “Lyosha”.
Friends, thank you for your help and caring!!!!

Lyosha made this box specially for me. It has hair clips he made himself. He wanted to have photos taken. Tried tried to take back the Little Hirosima table but couldn’t. Said it was also for me.
Thank you, Lyosh.
A big boy who is struggling against himself every day.

Medications which Lyosha and his mom need.

If you want to join the aid effort for the people of the Donbass, please write me in person through LiveJournal, facebookV Kontakte, or email: Paypal address:

Please label contributions intended for Lyosha “Lyosha”.

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