As you are. With a mustache.

–Dunyash, how are things?
–Oh, I published a book!
–You don’t say! What kind of book?
–It has something about you, too.
–About me? A book?
–Not the book, but a whole chapter?
–And what do I look like in it?
–As you are. With a mustache?
Have you seen him lately, the devil?

There really is a chapter about Seryozha in the book.
Because he’s family. Because when we first saw each other, back then, in that ruin of a barrack in Khryashchevatoye, without electricity or water, with him limping on a tape-wrapped crutch, it was like a discharge of electricity between us. We visited him again as we were leaving Lugansk. By accident. We just happened to be driving by. Toward the border. And then a whole chain of events unfolded, and if it weren’t for them, Seryozha wouldn’t be among us now. And thanks to Lena and Zhenya who were over there, on the spot, to help.
Now Seryozha lives in a retirement home in Lugansk. He’s been there for over 3 years.
He’s had mixed fortunes.
He had a heart attack on May which scared all of us. He’s recovered since.
His joints ache. Swallows pills by the handful. Unfortunately, the home doesn’t have everything he needs so we buy the rest.
That’s how things are.
He has a “tank”–an electric wheelchair donated by our Natasha, which he races in local parks. This saved his life, because without it Seryozha would have fallen into major depression in the home.
Seryozha, our Seryozha…
When we visit Lugansk, we always visit him first almost at once.
To read more about Seryozha, click on the “Kutsenko” tag at the bottom of this post.

Lena and Zhenya are trying to drop in with presents whenever an opportunity presents itself.
Friends, thank you for everything!
For your caring, for your help!

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