“Mama, I want borshch”

Katya is 13 and she has a class 2 disability. She and her mom lived in Trekhizbenka until 2014. Now it’s controlled by UAF.
When “it began”, shells came every day but they sat in the cellar to the last. And when the “breakthrough” began, they escaped to Lugansk with only their clothes on their backs.” But when they got to Lugansk, it was under fire too. Nobody could believe this would last a long time, or that it was “for real.” Everyone thought it would end any day now. But you yourselves know what it was like in Lugansk. The city was being “killed” from every available weapon. There was no phone service, electricity, the city was “closed.”
After all that, the girl didn’t speak for three months. Nearly all of her problems got worse. She has a whole range of them, including epilepsy, cognitive problems, kidney and sight issues.
When the girl said “mama, I want borshch,” mother started to cry…

They got a dorm room in Lugansk where they still live. Everything they now have was given to them by kind people. Strangers, because they didn’t know anyone in this city.
They live on a 3 thousand ruble pension. Mom can’t leave her daughter, as her fits have grown more frequent, and it’s terrifying to leave her alone in the apartment. They don’t have enough money for anything. What can one say, when you have a child with a disability, it means a constant need for medications.
It’s been more than 4 years since the war began. For me, the war means families such as this one.
Families which need help even in ordinary times. They survive with difficulty. Single mothers raising disabled children, mothers with many children whose fathers abandoned them. And yes, the elderly and the disabled.
During war, they are held hostage by the situation, and politics can go to hell.

Our humanitarian assistance. Thanks to all who participate!

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